Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Right Now I Just Need to Do Thinks That Require No Thinking!

I went to the doctor yesterday. What do I have? Nothing. It's allergies at their worst. I'm on some meds that are supposed to boost my immune system. I'm taking probiotics as well. I'm drinks LOTS of water and trying not to talk. At least I know I'm not contagious. It's crazy because I have 2 co-workers that have had similar symptoms as I. Then Mica was snotty, headachy mess a few weeks ago.

I did try and write a post earlier today. Then I read it back and it made no since. Does that ever happen to you?

It's finals week for my students. Today was interesting. My co-worker has a megaphone. I decided to borrow it. It worked. Even if I whispered. It just sounded creepy. I had fun with that in the classroom.  Do you want to know a great way to make students panic? Just whisper in the megaphone that you can't wait to hear their speeches in the afternoon. They weren't even supposed to give speeches. My students didn't panic though. They know me way too well. Even when I don't feel good, I still can have fun!

Uzi 50W Megaphone UZIMP50W

What's even more fun is that the megaphone plays marching band music! I played a few songs just to liven things up in the classroom. Not while they were taking their test!

Back to not making any since. I had 100 questions on the student's final exam and 3 didn't make since. I swear I read that thing over and over again! Writing a test, while being under the weather should be outlawed. I couldn't yell out, "Ignore question blah blah blah." I couldn't yell. I have no voice. I didn't think about using the megaphone that was sitting right besides me! I just sucked it up and addressed with a whisper to each student as they came up to tell me the same 3 questions made no since. Later I found out one question I didn't mark an answer for at all, the other two I had false when they were true. It's times like today where I wish I could fast forward to make all things right. I don't like messing up. Who does? No one.

Speaking of messing up, I have one student getting a 30% in my class. That's not bad for a full class. Only one failing. Well ever since midterm break I told her that there is no way for her to pass my class. The math just will not work. At the school I work for, once midterm break rolls around, the students can not make up anything from the first 1/2 of the class. She was getting a 12% then. Even though she knows she's not passing, she's still showing up, did the exam, argued with me about her attendance and told me about the 3 questions were incorrect {I already knew that one}. My co-workers and I were talking about how there's a time to really PUSH yourself. There's also a time to GIVE UP. When you know something is not possible, why keep doing it? She could show up to my class and spend that time on her other classes. Classes that she won't fail. I just do not get the logic. The thing is, is I actually like this student. She's polite. She's just never there, late with everything and never talks to any of her teachers. I have a couple students like that in my other classes. Just late on everything. They don't seem to care when I tell them that they are failing my class. They actually look at me blank faced. I print out their grades once a week and tape them to the wall. There should be no surprises.

Students like these I'll get in summer school.

I'm just glad that I only have one more day of teaching left. My doctor said after a day on these meds I should start to feel better.


Eat To Live said...

Hope you start to feel better soon. Being sick is no fun at all. It seems strange that the Doctor said it was allergies and a couple of your co workers have it. Maybe the Doc is wrong and it is a summer .... or spring cold.

~ Noelle said...

I hope you are doing better these days...
lol, the microphone just cracks me up!!!!


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