Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today I'm Sad

Isn't crazy how emotions can go up and down? Two nights ago I found out that one of my students lost her nephew. It was a still birth. My student had tears in her eyes. I wanted to say, "I know how you feel." Of course I don't exactly know how she feels. Everyone experiences things differently. She's wrapped up in finals and couldn't be there for the birth and death of her nephew.

With everything we've gone through with Trisomy 18 - I feel for anyone losing a baby! I felt so scared even when my own boys got sick! With Mica they didn't know what to do with his staph infection. They didn't know why his neck kept getting bigger. With Isaak they couldn't figure out if he had bacterial or viral meningitis. It was so scary seeing those white blood cell counts go up and up.

Then this morning I checked Facebook and one of my students I had a few years ago just passed away for breast cancer. That's what mad me really sad! She met her husband here at school. She found out she had breast cancer in her late teens, early 20's. They did radiation. She lost all her hair, a ton of weight. She tried so hard to just LIVE LIFE. Her husband and her were a perfect match. They made each other laugh. He didn't have to marry her knowing that she was sick. He stepped up and did what was in his heart. I really respect people that are like that. I stood back on the sidelines rooting for them. When someone gets breast cancer that young, I know there's a good chance that it will take over their existence. It did.

Here my student is...she was a fighter.

Then my sister (Aunt Terra) called me and asked if I'm going to the preschool graduation tonight. Isaak and Cousin Elijah are not graduating yet. Terra knows how I feel about preschool graduations. I think they are WAY overdone! You can read what I think on them here if you'd like. We'll be going. Then Terra tells me that a little girl in the boy's class just lost their baby brother or sister. It was a still birth. I just saw the happy pregnant mom at the Mother's Tea just 2 weeks ago! Terra's sending her a note. I started to think about how the preschooler is more then likely confused why there is no baby and why mommy and daddy are so sad. It just makes me so sad.

I'm going to end with a video that really makes you appreciate life and death.

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