Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Isaak!


You turned 4 today! This is what you look like:

You are asking for another short hair cut. I imagine we'll be getting your hair cut off soon. I still love to run my fingers through your fine baby hair. It's the only baby part of you left.


  • You love to hold my hand. Anytime we're walking you're right there holding Mommy or Daddy's hand. 
  • You are starting to play in a more complex way. If I'm driving somewhere, you sit in the backseat and have full blown conversations with different characters. I love listening to your stories. 
  • You love to swim. Everyone likes watching you swim. Two of the life guards stopped what they were doing just to watch you swim. You swim like a dolphin. 
  • You still love puppies. I'm not sure why you've clung on to that animal. Whenever you see a puppy you say, "He's so cute!"
  • You like it when people read to you. 
  • You like to have a night light on, even if it's light enough outside to see. 
  • You like consistency. 
  • You don't like it when Mica does things for you. It still has to be Mommy or Daddy that helps you. Most of the time you have to do things yourself. 
  • You tell us you don't like pizza.
  • It really annoys you when people swim without goggles. 
  • You hate to do much of anything after just waking up. 
  • You do not like playing with kids you don't know. When you are in your comfort zone, you are fine.
  • You do not like change. Your swimming coach changed and you were pretty sad about that.
  • You don't like to move very fast. When it's time to go anywhere we generally have to wait on you. You take your time with walking, eating, going potty, yep just about everything. 
You have such a kind heart. Whenever you have a snack, someone says they'd like one as well, you tear yours off to share. 

I kept asking what you would want for your birthday? You told me, "Mommy I just want to give things to you."

Mommy loves you!

Happy Birthday!  



Jidhu Jose said...

Such a sweet Mom and child.

Happy Birthday Isaak

~ Noelle said...

such a sweet boy... he comes from good people, so i know where he gets it!!
happy birthday!!! hope it was a great one ;0

Anonymous said...

I agree. Such a sweet mommy and son. Happy birthday to Isaak!


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