Monday, August 6, 2012

I Wish the Y Had Riding Bike Lessons

Mica's very apprehensive to ride a bike. He's so close and just won't do it. He'll get going, it looks like he'll take off, but he stops short of riding.

We try and be encouraging. He doesn't act like he wants to ride. It's almost like a chore to him.

Isaak has a bike to. Here he is riding on a trike. He chose to take it up to the school. Inside I'm thinking, "Come on just ride a bike." At least he can pedal this year.

In their defense we have a horrible street for riding. We have no sidewalks and it's a somewhat busy street. We've been working on swimming and Jujitsu. It's hard for kids and adults to focus on too much at once.


Anonymous said...

We too have lived in places where it's hard to learn riding a bike or just plain hard for anyone to ride one. One day he will just get it and go!

On the Y-I really think it's a great place and am a member myself but the one thing I don't like is the one here stops having classes/programs for middle school aged kids. When he was younger, my son loved playing soccer there so as I did every season I went to sign him up they said he was too old and didn't offer anything again until he was older-like highschool age. With all the hormonal rushes they experience in middle school I would have thought the Y would have had classes for those ages to help!

~ Noelle said...

my parents want to get a bike for broxton for Christmas.. but there is no where to put it (apartment living at its finest) and there is NO WHERE at all to ride it...
so, i asked them to wait..

Felicia said...

This sounds like Graham. We took off his training wheels and he was doing great and now has decided he is afraid again. {head in hand}.

Eat To Live said...

My Dad had us ride in the grass, that way if we fell, we didn't fall on a hard surface. It is harder to pedal but it worked. We had a small hill and we would ride down it.

This is another thing he will catch onto eventually.

Kranky Granny said...

We had the same problem with my grandson. Then my husband put some training wheels on his bike and that gave him the confidence to take off. After a few weeks he removed them and my grandson didn't even notice at first. Then he didn't care.

I just read the interview you did for Judhu Jose and enjoyed it very much. He ask me to do one and I sent it to him last week but he has not posted it yet.


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