Thursday, August 9, 2012

Once Upon a Poop...

If poop stories gross you out, do not read this. If you don't get grossed out, you will be laughing at this story.

Tonight Isaak hardly ate. He said, "Mom this is the grossest steak I've ever had!" It was a veggie burger...

Then he had to poop. It took awhile.

Then I heard the dreaded, "Mom I'm done!" That's when I'm thinking, I just sat down. Oh man I need to train this kid how to wipe his own butt!

I went to wipe him. The roll of toilet paper had brown on it. I said, "Isaak why does the toilet paper have poop on it?

Isaak said, "Mom my poop wouldn't come out. I had to help it with my fingers!"

I'm thinking, GROSS!

I wipe him and tell Isaak, "You have to wash your fingers with soap and water!"

Isaak says, "No! I don't have to. I wiped them off on the toilet paper!"

Don't worry, I made him wash his hands!


1 comment:

~ Noelle said...

lol, broxton will not flush...
that is the problem we are having... he wipes (has to before he would be allowed to start school) but he never flushes... ugh


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