Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rocks Paper Scissors.

A few days ago I post about how Isaak ransacked his room. That night after posting that he wrote on his floor his name in crayon. Luckily wiped clean. At this point in time I'm really glad we have wood floors.

We didn't take away his toys. Instead we took away what we hated taking away, but knew he'd actually hate to. His paper, scissors, crayons, markers and marbles got put in a box and taken away. Those are the things he plays with the most. They are also the things he is getting in trouble with. We believe that the punishment if possible should match the crime.

He was put to bed at 7 that night.

The next day Daddy was doing homework with Mica. I was already at work. Daddy heard the water running. He said, "Isaak why is the water running?" Silence. Daddy said again louder, "Isaak why is the water running?" He said, "I'm washing my rocks."

There wasn't that big of a mess in the bathroom sink that I had just cleaned. Daddy took away Isaak's rock collection to.

It's funny that taking away his toys just wouldn't work as a punishment for him. Every kid is different.

For the record, I don't think Isaak's trying to be bad. I really think he's in an experimental phase. One of my co-workers actually brought that to my attention today. One good thing is that he seems to be moving out of the separation anxiety phase. He doesn't like to be left upstairs when I go downstairs to do laundry (without telling him). He does however feel much more comfortable about going to his newish preschool.


The Cranky said...

One of the things kids experiment with is boundaries and you are doing a great job of reassuring him that they are indeed still there.

Fun experiment: Put a cup of vinegar in an empty, clean, soda bottle and put a half cup of baking soda inside a balloon. Fit the opening of the balloon over the opening of the soda bottle and dump the baking soda into the bottle. Just like magic, it will inflate!

Masshole Mommy said...

You totally did the right thing - he has to understand there are consequences to his actions (even if he is just experimenting). By taking away the thing that he loves the most, he'll learn quickly that his bahavior that day and writing on the floor were unacceptable. I would have done the same thing.

With my kids, it's bedtime. They get sent to bed early when they need to be punished and whenever it happens you'd think it was the end of the world around here.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Yup, gotta take away what they love most. I remember as a kid when I didn't do well in school in 5th grade my parents took away my horseback riding lessons until the next report card. You'd better believe it worked!!

Are We There Yet! said...

Oh no!! I washed rocks in my sink last summer.... I know I should of used a bucket, but I didnf't. Good thing my Hubs didn't take my rocks away, my plants would have looked bare without them.

LOL.... kids!!

~ Noelle said...

yep, we are learning about stages too... lol, Broxton sure has several of them


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