Monday, December 10, 2012

I Just Don't Understand

Today is one of those days, where little things are happening where I'm thinking, "What the ____?"

I just got back from a grocery store run. I do that a lot during my lunch breaks. It's so much easier than taking the kids. Especially since it's now very cold out. I parked at the same time a guy does. He leaves his new truck running. I'm thinking, There must be someone else in there. Out of curiosity I sort of look. Nope! No one in there. I'm thinking, I hope he knows he left his truck running. The transit stickers are still on it. It would be pretty hard to track down a truck that has no license plate. That guy must be crazy! There have been news reports on vehicles getting robbed around here. Well the guy takes about as much time as I did in the grocery store. He came back to his truck; he didn't seem at all worried about his truck. He must leave it run all the time. I know Omaha is a smallish city, but I would never feel comfortable leaving my car run in a parking lot.

A co-worker came up to me and said, "The student that was crying in our class last week now knows what is wrong with her." I said, "Do I want to know?" She said, "She happily said she's pregnant. Her Dad is concerned and her Mom has always wanted a grand baby, so she's excited." I always say, "Congrats" no matter what the circumstances are. This is the 4th pregnancy we've had in our small school this year. I'm beginning to think young girls do not know about birth control, or abstinence is. The crazy thing to me is not that they have gotten pregnant; it's that they think they can go on with school like normal right afterwards. Meaning no recovery time. Our school runs from 8:30 to 3:30. It's not a typical college where you can choose your credit hours, or go fully online. One girl just had a baby. She came in one day all frazzled and said, "My baby was up crying until 1 AM. I took her to the emergency room because something has to be wrong with her. She must be allergic to her formula." I wanted to say, "That's pretty normal. Just because she was crying doesn't mean she's allergic to her formula. She could have colic, she could be cutting a tooth, she could have an ear infection, or it could just be her fussy time." But I refrained. I bit my tongue and figured that I'd only give advice if she asks for it.

Another co-worker told me last week that I should just be sick on the day of Isaak's preschool program. Hummmm...I know people do that. I just don't feel comfortable doing so. I got the time off by the way. He on the other hand hardly ever calls in when he's sick, or just doesn't feel like coming to work. Today he came in late because he was tired. No one knew where he was at. I'm thinking, "Really?!" Ok for some and not others I guess.


Masshole Mommy said...

First of all - who the hell leaves their car running like that.

Second - that is EXACTLY why I waited until I was "grown up" to start having babies. In college I did not have anywhere near the maturity level to handle a newborn. Oy. Allergic to formula....

And I am like you, it would have to be something MAJOR, MAJOR for me to call into work for. Missing his preschool program would have been hard, but if it was something a bit bigger, say like his kindergarten graduation - that may be worth calling in for if you can't take a day. Some things are a little easier to miss than others.

Eat To Live said...

For the truck left running... I think he probably has one of those keyless starts. We had a Toyota for 3 months that had that in and my Hubs would almost leave it running several times. We will never own a keyless again.

I know they teach sex education in schools so where were they when it was being discussed.

~ Noelle said...

I am so glad you were able to get it off :) yay!
as for the others..i agree... wow.
what the.....


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