Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Hurry Up!" and "Slow Down!"

Isaak has been so slow in the mornings. Slow to get dressed, slow to eat breakfast and he has to go to the bathroom when he's eating breakfast. He's slow for his bathroom duties to. We've tried putting him to bed early; to see if that would help him speed up in the morning time. We find ourselves saying, "Hurry up!" all the time with him. Daddy swore this morning that we're going to have to teach Isaak how to tell time now; not wait until first grade. Isaak's indeed our slow poke.

Mica on the other hand is our fast child. He speeds ahead when we shop. He eats too fast. When we go for walks he's always ahead. Even in swimming lessons, he did his swimming strokes too fast. We're always saying, "Slow down!" to him.

Even with life Mica's in a hurry. He says he can't wait to get married, have a house and kids. We're like, "Slow down!" Isaak says he hates girls, and his cars are his girlfriends. He panicked at the fact that he'd one day leave our house. His preschool teacher told him, "Isaak I'm a girl, you don't like me? Your mom's a girl you don't like her?..." He said, "Ok I like those people. I just don't like the girls I don't know."


Masshole Mommy said...

My 8 year old keeps telling me that he's going to the state college in the next town over so that he doesn't have to leave me when he's 18. Then his plan is to become a mail man, get the route that delivers to our house and have lunch with me every day. Love that kid.

mail4rosey said...

It's funny they're so different. :) I've got one who 'hates' girls (except me, his sister, and his teacher...and grandma if he thinks about it hard enough, lol).

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how my two oldest are in so many ways different from each other. They have a couple things in common, not just their mom or dad :) I am not sure why when I don't see anything in common with my oldest brother and myself. Others do bu not me.

~ Noelle said...

talk about night and day


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