Monday, February 4, 2013

Morrill Hall

We went to Morrill Hall this last Saturday. They have dinosaurs, fossils and all kinds of other science related things. This weekend there were a lot of kid related activities. The boys had so much fun!

First we got to see this big elephant. The boys laughed at the elephant's butt.

 We got to see this big bird to! It reminded me of the bird from Up! The one Russel named Kevin.

They dug for dinosaur bones to.

Right after someone from a booth gave them each a Jolly Rancher this character came up to them. It's probably my favorite photo from the place; except they have chipmunk checks.

They also loved the booth where they got to go rubbings. Isaak was pretty quiet the whole time, but not at this booth. He said, "I love doing wubbings! I do them at preschool all the time!" Mica did one rubbing. He colored on top of it. Isaak did about 5 wubbings.

The dinosaur room was fun! They not only has full models in there, but they had an activity for kids. Kids put on a tail and walked in the sand to see how their footprints looked with a big tail dragging behind them.

Mica dressed in clothes that are worn where it's really cold!

Guess who wants a pet? They both do. Isaak talks about wanting a frog. That I can do. I've told Mica, "Nothing furry, I'm allergic to all things furry." I was advised to not even have a hairless dog or cat. My allergies are that bad. Mica got this idea he wants a bird pet. No to that to! I told him he could possibly have a lizard, frog, fish, turtle, or a naked mole rat. Now he wants a naked mole rat. Gross! But what are our options with me who is allergic to everything? Here's Mica with his pretend pet bird. I wish I could just keep pets as pretend. Sorry I'm not a animal person. It's probably because I've always been allergic to all other people's pets. For a long time I've been pushing them away, so I can breathe. I hate when my lungs close up.

We did a lot of other things that day! The boys loved the room about tornadoes! We even got a Science Fair project idea!

Mica got to be a weather man! It's funny to see where he stumbled and he was obviously reading the whole time. ;)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

This looks SO fun. I was just posting on FB about how my boys are totally into dinosaurs right now!

Theresa Mahoney said...

What a fun day! And how exciting to be thinking about a new pet! I don't know if I'd be hopped on a mole rat, but hey, if it makes them happy, right?

Oh, and I got the videos to work. My laptop had updates that needed installed so I had to restart :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful place to visit with the entire family. The weather video is wonderful. he did a great job! Too bad you're allergic, I'd say stick with a fish!

~ Noelle said...

now that looks like a fun place!

Eat To Live said...

What a fun day!! Those glasses Mica has on looks like the ones they sent my Hubs home with after his cataract surgery.

mail4rosey said...

We went there over the summer. They didn't have kid activities going on (which look awesome!) but it was fun.

We brought a Triceratops home from the gift shop, and I think I like him more than the kids do. ;)

It looks like you guys had a fun time. :)

Liz Mays said...

It's really fun to see the boys enjoying themselves so much! (And for the record, I'd probably giggle at the elephant butt too.)

Rina said...

We have similar place like that here, my boys were a bit nervous when entering the place but now they always ask to go there again and again.
It's indeed a cool activity for kids huh?! :)

Masshole Mommy said...

Looks like so much fun - and very similar to the Museum of Science that they have in Boston. My boys are always fascinated by butts, too, so they would have laughed over the elephant bum, too. Boys will be boys I guess......

Anonymous said...

Guess who wants a pet? They both do. Ha. I'm not a mom, but I knew that answer before I read it.

I think it is very neat that they have that area for them to dig for "bones."~Mary

Optimistic Existentialist said...

That looks fun I want to go there LOL

What I Did Today said...

Wubbings. Ahahahaha! A naked mole rat for a pet? Yikes! Not only are they ugly, they have huge, scary teeth! Turtles are cute. I'd talk him into a turtle. :) I had one as a kid. It ran away. I kid you not. We took it outside to play, ran in for dinner and then couldn't find him afterwards. Poor Tom.


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