Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Reasons Why I Dislike Most Sports

I've never been a fan of football. Daddy is. I know I'm crazy. It's the number 1 sport in the US.

I don't know what it is about artists; many of them don't care for mainstream sports. That is a generalization. Many art schools do not have sport teams. I went to two art colleges and teach at another. Most artists just don't care for mainstream sports. Maybe it's just that our interests are somewhere else (generally speaking).

I came to a realization the other night. It's like a light bulb went off. Daddy was watching basketball with Mica in our room. I was in the living room by choice. The sounds of the clapping and cheering just sounded like bees flying in my ears. I think it's more the background noise that bothers me; then it is the actual game.

Before you think I'm being ridiculous, you have to understand that I'm around children most of the time. If it isn't my own children buzzing sound effects in my ears, it's my 40 college students. When I watch TV I want a storyline, adult conversation.

A second part to why I dislike mainstream sports is that people are nuts here in Omaha, Nebraska. They go crazy for Nebraska Cornhuskers. It's a college team. We have shops here that sell Nebraska Cornhusker merchandise.

People in Omaha complain that other places think we are hicks. With a name like Nebraska Cornhuskers for a football team, I don't blame other cities thinking this way about us. 

Not only is our football team called a ridiculous name, we have a mascot that is named Herby Husker.

Look at Herby, he has corn in his pocket, and a big red hat. I don't know how much more hick you can get!

Oh wait we can get more hick like. Our crowds wear these hats on their heads:

There are also fans that have their garage doors painted with Herby Husker on it, man caves with Husker gear and more.

I'm sure there is sports I like. I love playing Pillow Polo at the Y, which is a lot like hockey. I always thought wrestling was interesting. It's fun to watch Mica in Jujitsu practice. Swimming looks relaxing and it a life skill. I don't want my babies drowning! I'm not anti sports. I just don't care for the clapping, yelling, corn hats and Herbie Husker.

What about you, do you like sports?

Do you like sports?


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I don't like sports either. I do like to go for a run though.

My husband has one of those corn hats. He is from Nebraska.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Those hats are ridiculous, but I guess that's what makes them fun? I'm not much of a sports fan myself. However, I do like Notre Dame football and will watch those games. If my husband wants to drive into Chicago for a Cubs game, I won't say no. Though I don't care for the game, I do love the city and know that I'll be getting some deep dish pizza when the game is over lol.

Masshole Mommy said...

Those hats are a bit, ahem....silly looking. I am a big football fan and I love my Patriots. I don't mind baseball and hockey, but basketball I dislike very much. It's too boring for my liking. Some Boston sports fans can get pretty crazy, though.....

Aleksandra Nearing said...

I actually made sure to marry a man that did not watch football regularly because I can't stand the sound of it on TV. I went to a liberal arts school that was Division 3 and sports were an afterthought.

The Cranky said...

I've never been a big sports fan and especially dislike basketball, practically a sin here in Indiana.

I DO enjoy fitba'...aka futbol...aka soccer but only in person (since we don't have a television, lol). Fortunately the Great Scot shares my preferences.


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