Monday, May 6, 2013

Truth Be Told

There are a few more than a few things I just do not get. I'm sure they are easier than my mind thinks they are.

1. Twitter Parties- I get invited to them all the time. I look at them and think, What do I do? Many of them are RSVP, and to be honest I'll know I will forget. Then I have a hard time knowing what time they start. One that starts in the south is at what time here in Central Standard Time?

My brain has never been good with figuring that out! It took me forever to figure out how to read a clock with hands when I was a kid! In my mind we had digital clocks at home, at school teachers just told us where to go, why bother learning how to tell time on the hard clock? Don't worry, I did learn the hard clock after I failed the standardize test on telling time. When I took Spanish I was like, Forget it! when they tried to teach me time! When I was in college a teacher tried to meet with us in Military time. I'm like what the heck? I'm not in the military! I'm in art school! I missed one meeting because I showed up an hour late; thinking I was on time. I did not apologize. I simply asked her if she could kindly tell me the normal time? This teacher proceeded to try and teach me the military time. I stopped her and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't want to learn that. If I was in the military I would want to learn that. I'm not. So could you please just tell me a normal time to meet?" She laughed and gave me the next time in normal time.

I just don't even get what I'm supposed to do with Twitter Parties. I need one of those books, Twitter Parties For Dummies. In fact usually I have to look at other people's tweets to type up my own. That's how lame I really am. Hashtag WHAT? *This is not a bash on those that have Twitter parties or those that participate.

2. Many of the newly abbreviated words. I get LOL is laugh out loud. Most of the rest I have to look up. I don't text people. I still have an old school phone that cost like a penny when I went to the store. I have my phone for emergencies. I'm on Facebook that's about the only reason I know any abbreviated terms. Many I have to look up.

3. What is really organic and natural? I try and eat healthy, I really do. But it's really discouraging that organic doesn't always mean organic. Companies put these labels on things. Hidden in the ingredients is unhealthy things. What the heck? I just want to buy healthy things. I don't want to have some sort of special dictionary to look up these special ingredient terms that I don't know about. I have kids, I don't have time to stop and look things up. I know you're probably thinking there's an app for that. If I had an iPhone I'd get that. News flash for FDA and companies, just mean what you say. Then we're all good!

I was thinking that going to the Farmer's Market to buy stuff was good. It's good to support the local farmers, right? Then my Dad tells me, "Alissa you don't know if the farmer's veggies, fruit...are organic or not. They could have pesticides all over their food." He's right!

4. Packaging! Why do they need to put a few pills in a medium sized bottle? I'm thinking about the two pack of Zyrtec I just bought at Costco. I did what I probably shouldn't of done. I opened them both up and dumped them into one. Get this, I still had room to spare. Chips and crackers are packaged with a bunch of air in the bag. The only things that are full in their containers are juice, toilet paper, tissues, q-tips, tampons, veggies (like spinach leaves in their bin), fruit (like grapes in their bin) and that's all I can think of. I would pay just as much for a smaller container if I knew it was full.

Rant over.


Masshole Mommy said...

Haha - I love you.

I don't do Twitter parties and frankly, I kind of hate them because they clutter up my feed while they're going on.

And what is up with 30 pills in a ginormous bottle? It seems like such a waste.

Anonymous said...

I cohost many Twitter parties, they are fun but very busy. If you go to you can enter the hosts name, your name, party hashtag and do it right from the grid. Very easy that way. If you try to do a party straight on Twitter you'll be lost quickly!

Theresa Mahoney said...

AMEN! I think Twitter Parties SUCK! They go too quick. By the time I type my comment, they are already on the next question. Before I know it, the hour is up and I haven't accomplished a darn thing!

I was slow at learning the clocks too and agree about military time. I never learned roman numerals either. WTF is up with those anyway? (Sorry, had to throw in an abbreviation for you there lol)

~ Noelle said...

lol, i love this post, as it makes me laugh.... i can not ever figure out the twitter parties... so i dont normally mess with them :)
i do love to text though.. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Aww, I feel the same way. Well, except for not growing up with learning how to tell time except for digital but I think that's just because there weren't any yet. Haha. My hubby's sister is nearly thirty and doesn't know anything but digital and she's a lawyer.

I have heard twitter parties are easy but I just don't have the time. Take long to log on, find, etc etc. Besides, I barely have time for my own blogs now which one is supposed to be my therapy. Ha!

The organic things drives me insane as well. Even though I try and blog on my green blog and FB about it it can be extremely stressful to read the label on something new we want to try. Sometimes we are just happy if it doesn't contain HFCS or supposedly healthy like items from the farmers market. I can't stress myself over it too much but I more often than not I do. However, I have let go of some but will not let go of others. Now I prioritize more.

mail4rosey said...

I'm so glad someone admitted this out loud (the Twitter party thing) because I so thought I was the only one. I attempted a couple...didn't care for them, and then someone I like asked me specifically to host one for her company. I felt compelled to say yes, and I did it, but I didn't walk away liking them, and I never want to host one again.

Eat To Live said...

Liz @ a nut in a nutshell had a twitter party one time and I won a very nice shaver for my Hubs.... Who knows what is organic and natural. I just try to eat the best way I know how


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