Friday, July 19, 2013

Preparing For Kindergarten

Isaak's going to Kindergarten in a month. Panic mode set in for me a week ago. I'm not sad he's going to be at school all day.

I'm panicking because he is:

A) Not wiping his butt all the way after doing his duty. He wiped once and said, "Mom come finishing wiping me!" I showed him again with 2 squares of TP how to wipe his booty. Then explained that you have to keep up that process until all the brown stuff is gone. He still tried to call for me, and I said, "Did you wipe until the brown stuff is gone?" Isaak said, "Mom I don't know if it's gone. It's behind me, and I can't see."

B) All the sudden Isaak's decided he's going to be a night owl. We've always put our kids to bed around 8 or 8:30. 7:30 if they are super tired. We've been putting the boys to bed at 8:30 since it's summer time. Both boys go down. Then Isaak lays there until 10:30 or 11. I'm happy that he doesn't get out of bed. He lays there and just talks. This has gone on for a week. I'm hoping this going to sleep at 10:30 stops very soon! He doesn't want to get up in the morning and he's a cranky child when the afternoon hits.


Eat To Live said...

A month.... oh my gosh... Summer is going by so fast. LOL you will have to go to school with him to wipe his booty.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Reminds me of the times my oldest would sit in the bathroom and scream "Wipe My Butt!" over and over again until I'd come help. So happy those days are over!

Allison is a night owl too, especially during summer. I wouldn't worry too much about him staying up late. Once he has to get up early a few times, he'll be so wiped by the end of the day, he'll be falling asleep on schedule again. It will be a pain for a few days dealing with the attitude, but it usually works itself out.

Masshole Mommy said...

Mine is going to first grade in September and STILL does not wipe his butt properly, either. The thing is, he won't tell me until he gets a fricken rash. I don't know what to do about it, but he's getting too old to have to constantly check on him in the bathroom. Ugh.

mail4rosey said...

My son went through that phase too, finally dad just said 'leave him and see what happens.' He called out about oh fifty times or so, hahaha (not really but it seemed like it) then finally said, 'uhhhggghhh never mind I'll do it.' and he did. And he's never asked since. We got lucky. ;)

sleepy headed mom said...

My son is getting ready for Kindergarten too and I dread it. I think he is more ready than I am. I know I'm going to cry. :(


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