Friday, December 6, 2013

Random Tid Bits

  1. Daddy was talking to me about how his co-workers think he's not being the husband he should be because he doesn't get me flowers for Valentines Day, birthdays and so on. I've told him that if he gets me flowers consistently I will be annoyed. I don't like him wasting our money on things that are going to die. He is really wonderful and makes me jewelery sometimes. That's much more unique, and special in my mind. Plus he has gotten me flowers a few times. Because it's infrequent, it's much more special. I don't like when people tell someone how they should be. It's like someone telling me how to discipline my children. If I want your advice I'll ask for it. 

  2. My students in one class are working on a campaign for a nonprofit organization of their choice. They have to do a flyer, a mailer of some kind, a billboard-bus bench-environmental graphic {one of their choice, not all of those}, and a blog. It needs to look consistent. Once their design is done for one thing, they carry that same look throughout. I've been showing them things with their blog weekly. They have to make more than one page for it. The additional page is the nonprofit's mission statement. They have to have the nonprofits social media buttons that link up, 5 to 7 posts, a banner, a share button, and a disclaimer at the bottom saying that it's student work. Anything that they share from the actual nonprofit they have to source. I've shown them how to do each thing more than once. I record the lectures, and put them on the server for them to watch. I had a lot of them wait to do a lot of things with their blog until the last minute. For some reason there is a vast difference of students in the class. We have very smart workers, students that don't try that hard and on top of it do not ask questions, and a needy student that doesn't try at all to figure things out for herself, but wants A's. Let's just say after that day I was tired!

  3. My sister that is pregnant decided to go with a name I picked out again! I love picking out baby names. I picked out Emerson. His name is from Ralph Waldo Emerson. The new baby's name will be Edison. My Dad had an uncle named that. Old names are coming back. My Brother-in-law is one of those people that wants all his kid's names to start with the same letter. I think that would get confusing.

  4. Each time I'm done with something, I think of something new I have to do. I can see why people get stressed during the holidays. I always feel a lot better after finals are done. I'm not stressed, I'm just super busy! 

  5. People were complaining at work about how it's so cold out. The temperature took a dive. I said, "I don't care what it's like outside. I'm just happy that Travis "Daddy" cleaned the garage out. My car now fits in it!" :)


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really love the name Emerson! Such an awesome name.

Masshole Mommy said...

People that complain about the cold drive me nuts. I have a standard reply, too - don't live here if you don't like it. LOL. I mean there are plenty of warmer climates that they could live in, right?

Harry Flashman said...

Now she needs to have two more kids, to be named "Lake" and "Palmer." Then they could get up a tribute band.

I don't know why people have to tell you what you are doing wrong in your private life. I got into trouble with my wife because two women at work told me what a creep I was for not buying flowers, so I bought her a ring, and she made me take it back.

Eat To Live said...

Emerson and Edison. Boy... she may be calling out the wrong name for the wrong kid. They are kind of close. I know when I used to get mad at my daughter I would start yelling names... Had a hard time getting the right name and she is an only child

Theresa Mahoney said...

That is a cute name! Both names are cute :) You do have the baby naming knack!

My dh doesn't buy me flowers either. EVER. I also don't like wasting money on something that will die. I don't wear jewelry either. Other women think it's stupid that I don't like these things, but my dh is thrilled he didn't get one of those women would likes to waste money on such frivolous things. And we just roll our eyes when anyone criticizes us for it.

~ Noelle said...

glad your car fits now... we would be screwed if ours didn't... all this rain is horrible...
love the edison name...


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