Saturday, December 7, 2013

Whistlefritz, French for Kids {DVD Review}

One thing that my kids do not have in school is a foreign language. I know learning languages is best when kids are younger. In other countries it's common for them to know more than one language. Here in the US we're lucky if we know our own language. I'm trying to help our kids learn Spanish and French.

I have the wonderful opportunity to introduce to you the award winning Whistlefritz's new DVD. It's called: French for Kids: Dedans et Dehors (Inside and Out).

It's for ages 2 to 7. I tell you our 8 year old Mica is glued to the TV when it's on. He likes Whistlefritz! Mica likes it just as much as Isaak, who is 5 years old. We have one of their Spanish DVDs to. We got the Spanish one when Mica was about Isaak's age.

This is Mica's drawn version of Fritzi when he was 5 years old.

I can understand why they like it so much. Their company has won 49 awards! It's used in schools and purchased by many homeschool families.

A few things that their DVDs include:
  • Cool Actions
  • Animation
  • Lively Music
  • Tons of Fun
About French for Kids: Dedans et Dehors (Inside and Out)

Fritzi’s in the house!  But oรน est Fritzi?

Finding the mischievous mouse Fritzi is just part of the fun in this lively language learning program from Whistlefritz, the award-winning producers of the Spanish for Kids series of DVDs and CDs.

This French immersion DVD welcomes you to Fritzi’s house, where up or down, inside or out, there is lots to learn and plenty to do.

It allows kids to explore every area of Fritzi’s house, from la chambre (the bedroom) and la salle de bain (the bathroom) to le salon (the living room) and la cuisine (the kitchen).

It's an engaging interactive format teaches children basic greetings, positional words, food, daily activities, numbers, and more.  But that’s not all! Nous allons chanter et danser!  (We’re going to sing and dance!)

This DVD will have children on their feet dancing along to upbeat rhythms.  Dedans et Dehors is an engaging blend of colorful backgrounds, charming animation and live-action that kids will want to revisit again and again.

This DVD includes an easy-to-use translation guide for parents and teachers, who are first time learners of French, as well as French subtitles.

Designed for children ages 2-7, Dedans et Dehors is fun for all ages!

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Mica and Isaak liked this DVD just as much, if not better than the Spanish one we already have. I'm glad we have something educational to pop in when we're busy making meals. That seems to be a good time to have them watch their movies.

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Masshole Mommy said...

Where was this when I was a kid? It probably would have helped me in french class lol. This sounds like an awesome dvd!

mail4rosey said...

This does sound like an awesome DVD. I'd listen to it to try to brush up my French, lol. No joke. :)

Harry Flashman said...

My wife used to teach French in elementary school here until the state defunded it and fired all the french teachers. Then she switched over to special education.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think the earlier you start a kid on a foreign language, the better. I have been thinking of starting my youngest on something like this to give her a head start.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh I would love this for my three! I took 8 years of French in school and love it. I bet my boys would too.

Eat To Live said...

I have been trying for years to learn spanish.... I only know a few word and Cervasa is one of them.

~ Noelle said...

that is pretty neat ...
broxton takes spanish now.. they say its easier to learn young, so i am thankful for that


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