Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday is all about me discovering something that is different to post. I don't want to post things that you and I have more than likely heard before. I want to find something different. It could be from another country, someone singing from the streets of NY, and more.

This week I'm posting a singer/writer/actor that everyone knows. Hopefully I can share things about him that come as a surprise. Prince has been a long time favorite of mine. I have reason for cover him. His real name is Prince Rodgers Nelson. He was born in 1958. I swear the guy's face hasn't aged a bit. The only sign that he's getting older is the cane that he's used to walk up on stage.

Why do I like him? He can plays a lot of instruments - very well! He's written so many songs! I remember when I got his top hits album I was surprised that many songs that were sang by Cindi Lauper were on there. He wrote them.

I also have respect for his music beliefs. He has recorded a ton of songs, but keeps them locked up in a safe because he hasn't liked where the music industry has gone. So many people, including me listen to music for free. The artist's aren't getting paid what they used to. I'd love to hear everything he has locked up! He removes his videos off of YouTube, and has sued others for Copyright Infringement & Bootlegging. He removes things off the internet in a flash! In fact up to this point he's had a bad website up. He just got a new one: All of his social media sites are under 3rd Eye Girl. Who can blame the man? He has probably never gotten privacy. That's probably why he went by a symbol and now 3rd Eye Girl. I also think he's working with more people. That might be why he shifted the name to.

Then Spotify released a new song of his. Is he finally making peace with the internet?

The song is called Pretzelbodylogic. The whole song is on Spotify, but not YouTube. Here's a preview:

In my opinion he's still got it!

Do you like Prince?

Check out Princes' Website.
Check out Prince's store.
Connect with Prince on Facebook.
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Check out Prince's YouTube Channel.


Masshole Mommy said...

I love Prince. I don't care what he calls himself, he will always be Prince to me.

mail4rosey said...

I liked Prince a lot when I was a kid in school. I haven't heard anything by him in a long time, but I bet I still would remember all of the lyrics to the ones I used to listen to...

I remember there was a lot of buzz about him doing the SuperBowl. The general consensus was that he was fantastic. I missed it that year though.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Oh, he definitely still has it! My girls are now enjoying his music, which I think is so cool!


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