Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello Kitty

I grew up with a Grandma that is from Philippines, and she gave me a pencil case that I would assume was from the Philippines, or from an Asian market. It had a character in the same style as Hello Kitty. I couldn't tell you the character's names because they were in a different language. I have to say that as a little girl, I was drawn to the style.

I don't even know how it started, Daddy and I would tease Mica about liking Hello Kitty. Does he really like her? I don't think so. In fact Isaak would be more the kid that likes her. He loves kitties and cats!

Whenever we go shopping it seems there is always a Hello Kitty end cap. One of us would say, "Hey Mica do you like this?" He smiles and rolls his eyes.


We're a joking family, so the boys are used to our humor. It's not out of haste, or trying to make our boys into girls. It's just a funny joke.

I've actually thought about buying small Hello Kitty items to put on top of his packages. Just to carry the joke further.

April Fools Day is coming up, that would be another chance to mess with our boys.

Well we were out with one of Mica's friends on Saturday night. We came out in a parking lot, and there was a car all decked out in Hello Kitty.

It sort of looked like this:


His friend (not knowing our running joke) said, "Hey Mica is that your car?"

We all laughed!

I asked Mica, "Have you ever mentioned to your friend that we tease you about liking Hello Kitty?"

Mica said, "No!"

Are you a fan of Hello Kitty?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I actually do like Hello Kitty! There is a little beetle bug car with huge Hello Kitty graphics all over it in our town. I tried to get a pic of it, but the light turned green and they were off faster than I could get my camera out.

Maryann D. said...

I love that car! I think Hello Kitty is so cute and my daughter always loved it too. Of course we love cats so that helps!
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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh that's so funny his friend said that.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh that's so funny his friend said that.

~ Noelle said...

growing up we went to the Hello Kitty store all the time - it was called sanrio surprises...
they are based from japan i think...
i had all the pencils/paper and what not...


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