Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Shop for Birthdays and Christmas All Year

Do you shop all year for birthdays and Christmas?

The upsides to shopping all year:
  • You can save money if you see a deal.
  • When you see something someone would love, why not go for it? The chances of you seeing that perfect thing later isn't a high chance.
  • Spending money periodically is much easier than getting things all at once.
With every up side there is a downside to:
  • All the sudden kids change their minds about what they want and like. If you already got them things, you can't go back and change.
  • It makes returns nearly impossible. 
I usually do not get clothes, because of the return thing.

I also stash away things I've won for myself, and for everyone else. If anyone needs a gift for me I'm like, "Here you go! I've been waiting to get this."

My husband thinks I'm nuts, and my mom doesn't support giving me things I've already gotten. Hey I'm still happy about getting it. It saves money. Why not?

I saw this on Zulily {see below}. The thing is...I stashed it in my cart, and didn't buy it fast enough. I tracked the product down, and the JuDanzy had it for about the same price, no shipping costs in the US and the price goes to the small business, not Zulily. I love Zulily, but they do tend to rip off small companies.

This is for Emerson's birthday in July. It's for ages 3-7. It was $20, and I got it for $15. It comes with the leg warmers, tie, and hat. I think it will look so cute on him! I'm not big into argyle, but my sister is, and I happen to love red. Win! Win!

I have another nephew (age 6, Isaak's playmate) that would seriously sleep with a baseball bat if you let him. He's that into baseball. I found a baseball necklace and stocking cap, and bought them. They are for Christmas.

The necklace has 2 bats and a ball on one side, and a single baseball on the other. Source

For the new baby nephew coming in May I bought a turtle diaper and matching wet bag. Mainly because his oldest brother (Mica's playmate) loves turtles. I thought he'd get a kick out of seeing his brother in a turtle diaper. My sister uses cloth diapers. You can never have too many of them!

I have many more things stocked up. Do you stock up on toys, and other gift items?


Theresa Mahoney said...

Yes! I most certainly do buy things all year. I start right after Christmas and load up the gift closet. It really does save a lot of money in the long run!

~ Noelle said...

i used to try and shop early - but then i end up spending WAY MUCH MORE. now, I just buy right before the holidays

Ai Sakura said...

Yes I do! It not only saves money to shop during sale time, but also less stress from shopping during peak seasons like Christmas or when it gets too near the date! :P

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

mail4rosey said...

I shop year-round too. If I win something I put it aside for a gift for someone else (usually).

Harry Flashman said...

My wife and I don't give presents, so we don't have to shop for any. At Christmas and for my kids birthdays, we give them cash. I think young people can always use that. One thing we do though, which is not so different, is that if we see something one of the kids could use, we buy it and send it to them. Things like crock pots, blankets, useful things.

Masshole Mommy said...

I shop all year long, too. If I buy something for my boys that I don't think they'll like anymore by the time their birthdays or Christmas roll around, I use if for a gift for a birthday party they get invited to.

Veronica Lee said...

I shop whenever there is a sale and over here, we have sales all year round with discounts up to 80%!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

Eat To Live said...

We mostly give gift cards... that way everyone can pick what they want. I do by at sales and pack it away in case I have something come up I need a gift for.

Terra Heck said...

I have a very large closet and one side is full of boxes of items I've stored away as gifts. I shop all year round and purchase items on sale. I also save winnings that I don't personally want and use them as gifts. Although my closet is always full of boxes, I much prefer to shop year-round.
That argygle baby outfit is darling.


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