Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to School

I started school on Monday, but yesterday was my big day. It's the first day I had first year college students. It's always super quiet in there the first few weeks. You could a pin drop in the room. Once they've been to a few parties, they mingle. Not that I would encourage that!

They moved orientation on me to next week. The lady giving the talk is in Texas visiting her new grandson. I am happy about that. She needs to visit that baby, and I needed to cover material. I even got a chance to go through all their art supplies, and talk about what they were for. I'm pretty sure that was helpful.

Mica and Isaak started school yesterday.

Before school started we already got a homework assignment for Mica. His teacher had on the take home table a few sheets for us to read at their Open House.

On one sheet was a paper that talked about describing your child in a million words, or less. I'm pretty sure no one filled up a million words. That's just a fun number. It didn't have to be that long.

I copied his birthday letter, pasted it, edited it, and added to it. I added more school stuff.

Mica needs to be pushed more. His teacher last year was way too soft. They had too many parties, and not enough school work. Mica has the tendency to get lazy if you let him. We actually gave him things to do at home, in addition to school work.

I ended up with 2 full pages all about Mica. While it's not close to a million words, I'm pretty sure it's more than fine.

Mica has a lot of friends in his class.

He was excited.

Daddy walked Isaak down to his classroom. He has some friends in his class, and others that are in the other class. He'll do fine.

Isaak's smart. He gets things that blow my mind. Daddy started talking one day about the process of making a making a sculpture. There are a lot of steps, and Isaak got it. Isaak tells you how he feels, which many kids his age do not. He's also a player. What I mean by that is that he acts like he doesn't get something to not have to do it. Like with reading, he knows how to read, but he likes to be read to more. He'll act like he can't read; when I've heard him read.

Mica can't wait to grow up, and Isaak doesn't want to grow up.

Daddy took back to school photos like I asked, but he hasn't shared them yet. He said, "That's a girl thing to do." Maybe it is. The photos above are from their Open House, which was 2 days before school started. The reason why their backpacks are full is because Mica took birthday treats on the first day of class. I didn't want Daddy to deal with all that stuff. We dropped their stuff off in the classroom.

The boys came home from school happy. That's a good sign.

Then Mica's teacher called to ask how Mica's first day was. I said, "He seemed to really enjoy it." She said, "Well you have my phone number now if there are any concerns."

We hung up the phone. Then I thought the worst. Was she calling to be nice? or was she calling because Mica did something concerning? Luckily I'm friends with one of the Mom's on FB - her daughter has the same teacher. I asked if she got called to? She did. This is the 2nd year Mica's teacher has taught. I'm just thinking she wants to do a good job. She wants to know our kid, and answer our questions. That's positive.


mail4rosey said...

Wow, I just cannot believe school's back in session in so many places already. Wishing your boys (and you too!) a great school year.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I like that the teacher reached out like that. It's nice when they make an effort to see that the child is adjusting and keep the parents updated like that. Great communication is key to a successful school year!

Eat To Live said...

That is funny that Isaak doesn't want to grow up. LOL Remind him that when he has a girlfriend over in about 15 years.

Masshole Mommy said...

Boy, you guys start early! We don't go back for 3 more weeks.

~ Noelle said...

We got a call too :)
but it was because we had carpool issues...
all is wonderful now, but he isn't loving "nap time" at school


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