Sunday, August 31, 2014

Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday Daddy turned 39. One more year, and he'll be over the hill. 

I got him a welding cart. When I went to get his present on my lunch break the place was swarming busy! I never knew a tool place could be that happening. There was a free screwdriver set in the ad, so I got that to. I went to walk out with the screwdriver set, and pulled my vehicle up to get the welding cart. The worker came out with the cart, and said "Oh here is this." He handed me a little bag. I assumed it was something for the cart. When I got back to work I realized what I took - thinking was my free screwdrivers wasn't screwdrivers at all. It was an Air Regulator. It was the same size as the screwdrivers. I accidentally ripped the place off.

Have you ever stole something on accident?

I did one other time. I once gave Mica a hat to hold when he was in a stroller. I forgot I did that, and rolled off with the hat.

I'll return the regulator just like I did the hat. The hat was a pain to return. It was a big mall, that is pretty far from our house. Mica and I were done with shopping that day, but I knew if I didn't return it then, I'd never get it returned.  

In the morning of Daddy's birthday he went to go do a few things for himself. He had to get his smart phone checked out. It needed some updating. It was a great thing because they lowered our monthly bill to. Then he got a hair cut.

After that he went to watch some football with the son of ours that likes football. Isaak says he loves football. Mica on the other hand looks annoyed whenever it comes on.

We go out to dinner for each others birthdays. Daddy's choice was Kobe Steakhouse.

This is what it's like taking a picture of my 3 boys, "Hey look at the camera!" or not!

I did get one so, so picture out of them - minus Isaak's starry face.

No one volunteers to take pictures of me, so I took a selfie with Mica - and he turned on a freak face.

Mica told me that he wanted a cocktail. I said, "Kids can't have cocktails." He said, "Yes they can Mom. They have cocktails for kids." I said, "Mica do you know what a cocktail is? It has alcohol in it." Sure enough they had mini cocktails on the menu. Isaak had a Shirley temple, and Mica had a Roy Rogers. Mica's memory floors me sometimes!

 The most entertaining thing to watch all meal was this little guy:

Isaak was fascinated with everything that was going on. He was in awe over his cocktail umbrella. Especially when I told him that it went up and down. Then he mimicked the culinary choreographer. Isaak was slapping his utensils around, laughing, catching food with his mouth, and wowed by the fire. He ate so good! 

At the end of the meal Isaak put his black napkin around his waist, and said, "See I'm just like that guy that gave me my shrimp. I have an apron to."

Daddy told me not to tell them about it being his birthday. I of course did. 

Now comes the part where my new pet peeve comes out. Left overs are a good thing in my mind. I hate wasting food. It's expensive, there are starving people in this world, so if I don't eat what's in front of me I save it for the next day. If you have left overs, you don't have to work so hard to make additional meals. The people that ate beside us left so much on their plates, and didn't take a thing. Daddy ate everything. The boys and I took home a lot. We had enough for lunch, and dinner tonight. The food was so good, why would I want to waist it?

Do you like left overs, or do you hate them?


Masshole Mommy said...

Haha, daddy and I are the same age :)

Sounds like he had a nice day!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

happy happy birthdaaay.....cocktails for kids? sounds like fun :)

Eat To Live said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubs. Wishing him many more.

mail4rosey said...

Glad you had a nice birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to him!

I am getting better w/'s hard to get hubby to eat the same meal twice so I have to get inventive when I use them. :)

~ Noelle said...

we love going to places like that, although it is so expensive we never do... we went for when broxton graduated preschool but that was about it..

Catch My Words said...

Happy birthday to your husband, but I don't consider 40 to be anywhere close to over the hill, or even 50 for that matter.

You didn't steal anything until you refuse to return it. The definition of shop lifting is the intention of taking something and not returning it. You did not attempt to take it, therefore, you did not steal it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy Birthday to Travis!

Yes, we always take our leftovers. If I don't eat them, Jason or one of the kids will. We don't like to waste food, but we also think a lot of things taste better cold the next day too.


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