Friday, August 29, 2014

Random Tid Bits

  1. What to do when the boys won't focus? In our house we either put them to bed early, or have them go out to do yard work.

  2. Cops the show was here in Omaha filming. You know the show: Bad boys, bad boys, what ya going to do? What ya going to do when he comes for you? A guy went to rob a Wendy's. The Cops Crew was with the Omaha police. The robber pulled out a BB gun, and fired shots. The BB gun looked and sounded like a real gun (see picture below). The robber was a threat to everyone around, so the officer shot and killed the robber. A stray bullet hit the sound guy from Cops, and killed him to. It's a pretty crazy story. You can read about it here. The robber was a repeat offender. His family thinks he shouldn't of gotten killed. He was the one reasponsible for all this going down. If it weren't for that robber, the sound guy from Cops would still be alive.

    This is where the story gets even crazier. The Omaha mayor (lady in blue) signed a contract with the Cops Crew saying that from such and such date, to such and such date Omaha was not liable if something happens to any of their crew. After the contract was up, Omaha would be liable. It was 4 days after the contract was up. Why the show was still with our police is questionable if their contract was up. Now the city of Omaha might be taken to court. It's all still up in the air as to what's going to happen.

    The teen behind the counter was terrified. She had a little newborn baby at home. I'm so glad she wasn't another casualty in this mess!

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  4. Mica started doing Common Core math this year. He's struggling to understand it. Homework is taking longer than it should because he doesn't understand it. Daddy helps him because they get home before I get home. They also leave later in the morning than I do. Daddy said, "At first I do not get his homework, but once I look at the example it makes sense." It's an adjustment that I knew was going to happen sometime. We'll just keep plugging away at it. 

  5. I'm happy that this weekend coming up is a long one. 

  6. My boys were super happy to do the ice bucket challenge. I know they don't really get what ALS is, but they did enjoy getting cold water dumped on their heads. We still got the word out, and donated. I never thought that kids would get excited to get ice water dumped on their heads.


mail4rosey said...

They did look so excited to get that water on them, lol. I love that you let them participate.

Masshole Mommy said...

We have issues with my little man focusing and he loses privileges like tv time or time with his tablet.

Beatrix said...

ha ha why are they jumping up and down so much do they have ants in their pants omg and that mother has really let herself go it should be a crime to subject 1s children to that! LOL!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I loved their bucket challenge!

I hate common core. I make Jason do math with the girls.

I heard about the Cops incident. So sad, but it always infuriates me when the family starts whining about their no good family member that gets themselves killed. Here in IN a few months back and officer got out of his car in pursuit of a suspect. The suspect shot and killed the officer and the family had the nerve to say "The officer should have stayed in his car and he would still be alive." No, if your pos family member weren't such a thug, he'd be alive. Of course, family is whining about the thugs punishment too. Ridiculous!

~ Noelle said...

I am SO NERVOUS for common core math... but for now, we just deal with the homework that kindergartners get :)


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