Monday, October 27, 2014

Mica's School Conference

Mica's teacher was running late on her conferences, so I didn't sit in on Mica's. We set up conference times to be back to back - Mica's then Isaak's. I can't imagine what parents do in a situation like that if they are a single parent. You do what you can. It's not always the teacher's fault that they are running behind. It could be that a previous parent came in late, maybe they had a lot to talk about with one parent, and didn't want to cut them off.

This was taken this weekend when he was watching The Young Indiana Jones.
We generally set the boys up in the hallway to watch a DVD. I remember when I was younger my parents always got a babysitter for conference time. Now it seems ok to have kids go with. Some even go in the room with the parents. We try and avoid the kids coming in with us.

Mica's doing great!

This was hung up in the hallway at school. It's not really cute, but certainly shows what his interests are.
He wants to be an Inventor, he likes technology - notice the Apple computer, his favorite books at the time were Bones and Amulet, his favorite movie is Indiana Jones, and he likes us - his family apparently. :)

He actually acts as a teacher's helper.

Mica likes to teach people things. He's great at teaching kids with a lower rank in Jiu-Jitsu to. I have noticed he's been better about helping at home lately. I just wish he'd take more initiative with helping at home. Most kids his age do not jump at doing work.

Mica's in 3rd grade. He's in a gifted program, and reads at a late 5th grade reading level.

Being gifted isn't always what it is cracked up to be. I have to watch for reading content when we pick out books. I also have to get on him about not bragging about being in that gifted program.

I was in the special classes to growing up, and it wasn't for being smart. I needed extra help. Things didn't click for me. All of my friends were in the gifted, smart kid club, and not one of them bragged about it, or belittled me because I wasn't.

The key thing for us is to keep Mica's mind busy. 

Every 2 to 3 weeks we go to the library to get a handful of books. He picks out most of what he wants. I pick out one biography book about someone I want him to learn about, or a classic book. Once it was Houdini, another time it was Anne Frank, then Helen Keller, and Ben Franklin. We've gotten Charlotte's Web, Treasure Island, and more. You get the point.

Mica has to work at math, but he's doing great with it according to his teacher.

He's the opposite of me: He loves P.E., Science, and Social Studies. I liked Art, Music, and English when I was a kid.

I do worry with both of my kids and friends.

Mica has good friends, but they are from different parts of the world. One is from Jamaica and another is from Ethiopia. They are super nice. I have no problem with the kids he hangs around with.

He did have solid friends in Kindergarten and 1st grade that were kind of pushed aside when he entered 2nd grade. All the sudden in 2nd grade Mica's good friends were in another class. His good friends he had before were history. I don't know if this is a big deal, or not? I guess it is to me because once I had a good friend I held on to them. I encourage Mica to play with both sets of friends. There's nothing wrong with his new friends, but I dislike how he doesn't include his old friends. He is young, and is a boy. Maybe Daddy is right, I'm making too big of a deal with this. What do you think?


Harry Flashman said...

Kids are like that. They socialize in different ways, and sometimes it's a little uncomfortable. It can be hard if you are one of the friends who suddenly is "out." But I don't know of any way to do anything about it.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He is quite the smartie! :-)

Masshole Mommy said...

That is fantastic that he's in the gifted program!!

~ Noelle said...

So glad he is in the gifted program :)
and friendship... well, it is hard to find great friends... so I would let him sort of hang with who he wants... to make sure he is with people he really enjoys hanging out with.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sounds like Mica is doing a really good job this year! Good job on making it into the gifted program!

mail4rosey said...

It's interesting to see how the little ones behave with their friendships, isn't it!! And this is a great picture of your older son too! Nice camera work. :)


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