Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

This will be on ongoing gift guide. I'll post it at the top when it's more complete.
I'm trying to think of gifts that are not typical gifts this year. I know kids have so many toys. Don't get me wrong we love toys, but I want to feature things that aren't all toys.
For the adults on a healthy kick:

Get them a monthly subscription to: Bulu Box. They have healthy samples in each box. *$10 a Month

For kids and adults that have skin problems, and babies that are cutting teeth:

Get them a Baltic Amber Necklace at Hazelaid. *$17.95

These are fun for babies as well - Doodle Pants. I got my nephew Edison a pair of these with a plain red t-shirt at Walmart. *$24 (I got Edison's on sale)

For the hot chocolate and cookie lover:

 Get them a mug with a spot for a cookie, or 2 at Uncommon Goods. *$18

For a new mom and baby:

Try Teething Bling. There's all different colors and designs to choose from. It's jewelery that's safe for babies to chew on.  *Around $19

Tweens and teens are often times hard to buy for. Here's a perfect gift for them:

A Whatever Clock at Uncommon Goods. *$22

They'd also love the nerdy toys at Think Geek. Even adult nerds would love their stuff! The thing to the right is an air gun.

You can also find a tutorial online to fold origami money. We did a jet plane for my oldest nephew.

Some guys are hard to shop for in my opinion.

The Dad in our house likes sports, but doesn't like to wear sports gear. My Dad AKA Grandpa doesn't like sports at all. He's a gardener type. What do you get people that don't want typical guy things? 

I like Duluth Trading Company for clothing. They have pants that don't ride up, which is apparently a problem for men. There's an extra bend fabric for their crotch area. 

Lowes is great for tools. 

Camping gear at any local surplus store, or scheels will do. 

If all else fails get them pistachios.

For the Kids. My kids eat, drink and sleep Legos. Besides sets I got them:

A Lego Switch Plate for their rooms. *$16.94 (I got them on sale)

 I also got them just a big green square because they didn't have one. *$10

My boys are into bow ties, so I bought some here. *19 for 3 They will be present toppers. You could do the same thing with hair things for girls.

Kids will have fun with these Chalkboard Placemats, while you make dinner. *34 for 4
Any kid or adult, any age would love a Boogie Board - LCD Writer at Fat Brain Toys. *$35 
  Kids that believe in Santa would love getting a package from

Get 15% off any purchase - Use promo code: FG15 
 If all else fails and you don't know what to get people, get them a membership to something in their area like a community playhouse, a zoo, science center, a museum, a forest, or garden center.
We've done this for my parents, and in the past they enjoyed this.


~ Noelle said...

I love the idea of bowties as gift toppers... and the cookie / mug - awesome.. we gave my mom a bowl/plate combo for soup/sandwiches :)

Masshole Mommy said...

I might get this for my new niece. What a cool idea.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am thinking of getting one of those teething necklaces for a baby shower gift. They seem to be all the rage lately!

Eat To Live said...

One of our Granddaughters wears the Amber necklace. I guess it works for teething.


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