Monday, May 11, 2015

Knock, Knock, Knock on the Door

We all fell asleep an hour earlier last night. It was a busy weekend. We did a lot of random stuff. 

I woke up to Travis nudging me. He whispered, "Someone is knocking on our door!" Be quiet. I'm going to check it out."

We both felt out hearts jump out of our chests.

I waited in bed thinking, Maybe I should call 911. But nothing has happened. Maybe that's a bit too extreme.

Travis' cell phone rang. I called him in to answer it. It was our neighbor. Our neighbor said, "I'm sorry to wake you." Travis said, "Was that you knocking on our door?" Our neighbor said, "Yes." Travis said, "Oh my I didn't know whether or not to grab a knife, or shit my pants." Our neighbor said, "I wanted to let you know your Honda Pilot has a light on inside. I'm afraid if you let it go, the battery will be dead in the morning." Travis said, "Thanks for letting me know." He went to fix that problem. It was left on by a kid. There's a light on the handle to get out.

Travis got off the phone and said, "That just scared the crap out of me." I said, "Well it's good he called. That would have been stressful in the morning. I would have JUST called at this time of night." Not realizing what time it even was. That would have prevented the scare factor.

Travis said, "What time is it anyhow?" I said, "I thought it was 1:13 AM, but it's only 11:13 PM."

He fixed the light in the Pilot, and off to sleep we went. 

Has something startled you in the middle of you sleeping? 

Once I freaked out because our ice machine gets built up. As it melts, ice will hit the floor. I heard random noises in the kitchen. That made me alert! Travis wasn't home at the time.

I used to share a room with my sister in the basement. There were times where a small animal, or big bug would get stuck inside the window well. There was also a time where her friends knocked on the window for her to come hang out with them. Heart racing moments for sure. Especially after watching Unsolved Mysteries before bed. 


Masshole Mommy said...

I guess it was nice of the neighbor, but I think he should have called first before knocking on your door that late at night. I would have called the police immediately before going to "check it out".

Theresa Mahoney said...

Any knock after 9pm would freak me out. I panic even when the phone rings that late, because it's hardly ever good news when someone is contacting you during sleeping hours!

mail4rosey said...

Ah yeah, the neighbor being nice.. haha Hurrah for it, but it def. would have caught me off guard too. I know the feeling you're describing, not pleasant. Glad it was a good thing though. :)

Charlie said...

I normally don't freak out over noises BUT when my hubby or my son isn't home, I do. My son freaks out more than I do. He will wake me up asking if I heard a noise or saw people in our backyard with a flash light (as if I could see when I was sleeping) or, or, or.
Knowing someone knocking on my door would freak me out, I can say I'd try calling a person rather than knock. Never know what to expect!

~ Noelle said...

Our house creaks at times... lol, it ALWAYS freaks me out. day or night.
I would have totally been scared, unless marc was here...

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

such a thoughtful neighbor you have..but yeah, a knock on the door in the middle of the night can be scarying. I haven't got the experience, though..

Eat To Live said...

Well that was very nice of your neighbor to come over and let you know that light was on in your car.


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