Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why I Let My Kids Watch Something Powerful

Some parents would never let their kids watch the films below. It's about a foster child that's taken away from her home, separated from her brother, and moved a few times from home to home. Her father, or mother's boyfriend was a drunk that abused her.

Why did I let my kids watch this? I wanted to show them what some kids go through. I explained that if kids are bad in school, that they may not have parents that care like we care for our children. I went on to say that kids should always be given a second chance because they grow up, change, and as outsiders we just don't know what they've been through at home. 

Isaak has a kid in his class that was a foster child, and now she's been adopted into a loving family. That means she had a rough life before. The foster care system tries to reconnect the biological family back with the children if possible. There's a kid going into first grade who's Mom was killed over the summer. This stuff is real, it strongly impacts children, and the whole classroom. 

I told them if the video was too much for them, to let me know, and that I'd turn it off.

The only question I got was from Isaak, "Mom are you crying?" I said, "Yes this is sad!"

Would you let your kids watch this? Why? Why not?


~ Noelle said...

I'm not watching the video, since I am full of emotions. Lol, but broxton had a foster child kid in his class.. that eventually moved back to his parents. We have many conversations that I think are normally reserved for older kids, but in today's day and age, it is more appropriate to have them now.

Ai Sakura said...

Yes I'd let Lil Pumpkin watch it too. I don't want her to grow up in a bubble thinking that everybody grows up in a happy world filled with toys, books, and love. It's good for her to appreciate the things she has, and to understand more about the people who don't.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Oh my...there are so many strong messages in this movie and those are important to share. I guess I would let my children watch it, with full explanation as needed.

mail4rosey said...

If things in our home were smooth, as they have always been before, I might consider it. They're upside down right now though, so I'd opt out. I think it's a personal decision for each parent to make on their own.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Absolutely my girls would watch it. I have never sheltered my children from anything (with the exception of some sexual situations in movies and such). It probably doesn't come across in my blog posts, as I do filter myself there. But in real life, I believe they need to see the harsh realities of the world. I let my girls sit in on a meeting I had with my sister and Child Services. My sister just had my niece removed from her home. Instead of sugar coating why my niece would be living with us, I let them see my sister bugging out on meth so it would really sink in. They were 6 and 10 at the time and I think seeing it first hand made more of an impression on them than saying "Hey girls, let's not do drugs cause it's bad for you, ok?" It clicked that when you let something bad take over your life, like drugs, not only does it impact yourself, but everyone around you.

So yes, I think kids need to understand that not every home is a happy one.

Eat To Live said...

When my daughter was growing up I let her watch scary movies with me.


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