Monday, October 26, 2015

Do You Believe in Bad Things Happening in 3's?

My husband and I disagree when it comes to some things. I believe in ghosts, angels, afterlife, karma, and bad things happening in 3's. I even think it's possible to be reincarnated. Can you be a Christian and believe in reincarnation? According to my old pastor, the answer would be, "No." Ya he wasn't too happy about me asking about reincarnation during confirmation. My mistake. I thought confirmation was about learning about your religion. My argument is, God can take and put a new breath of life into each of us, and put us down her as something new. There have been so many people that have dreams, or visions about being someone else. Who am I to judge them, and say they are wrong? It's a possibility. One person's interpretation of a book like the Bible is different from the next person's interpretation. There are a lot of other religious books out there that existed around, before and after the Bible to.

Last week I found out my Mom's cousin passed away. She was a single lady who showed up to many of our family gatherings. We have a small family overall. I only have 6 first cousins on my Mom's side, and none on my Dad's. My Mom's side of the family gets together for all major holidays, my inner family gathers for all birthdays, and we have a family reunion once a year. My Mom's cousin liked and commented on my facebook posts daily. She was a school teacher, and was liked by many! Her death was sudden. All we know is that she was sick with the flu.

Her friends found out about her passing before her family because she didn't show up to work. Her friends started commenting on her facebook wall, and that is how her brother found out about her passing. How sad! I'm a facebook person, but I always wait to comment on anything sensitive like a death after family has posted. I usually wait a week before posting.

My Aunts have been over at her apartment cleaning all weekend. They found a box filled with thank you notes from her students.

This weekend I found out my Mom's cousin's son passed away. It's a different cousin. He was only in his 40s. He was a Navy Seal, so fit as a fiddle! He was up training on a mountain. They were driving back down. He was in a jeep, someone was driving behind him. All the sudden they noticed he was hunched over, and was driving off the road. The driver behind him put his car in park, and tried running towards his vehicle, but there was no saving him. He left behind a wife, and a son that is a college freshmen.

The funerals are about the same time, in different states. So some can't go to one when they'd like to. :(

Yesterday my Grandpa was lead out of church because he didn't feel well. Thankfully he's ok.

I'm just hoping that this bad things happen in 3's is just a saying. Are you superstitious like me?


Janie Junebug said...

I'm not superstitious. My mom said deaths came in threes, but I don't know how she counted which three came together.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm sorry for your losses. I don't know about three but it does seem sometimes a bunch of hard things all happen at once.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am not superstitious, but I actually do find that most times that bad things do happen in 3's. At least, they do for me.

So sorry to hear about all the family losses :(

Masshole Mommy said...

I definitely believe in this. It never seems to fail.

~ Noelle said...

I've always said bag things happen in 3s.. especially death of celebrity people

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I have to admit I am superstitious! But I try to avoid thinking about that and pray that bad things won't happen :)


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