Monday, November 9, 2015

Random Act of Kindness

Some of our garden sites love acidic soil, so my husband asked if we could take up oak leaves from a house that is oh so kind to Trick or Treaters.
This elderly lady met them at her door with curlers in her hair, and with a bottle of foundation makeup. She wasn't sure if she should answer the door because she, "didn't have her face on."

She offered to pay them and Travis told her it would be their pleasure to take her leaves. They didn't rake up all of them. Only 3 gigantic lawn bags full were raked up.

Mica was a great help, and Isaak's kind of moved into that stage where he's realized that helping isn't as fun as it used to be. It cracked Travis up that Mica wears his sweat band and wrist guards when doing any yard work.

While they raked up 3 gigantic lawn bags full of oak leaves, I sucked up more Maple leaves in our driveway, leaves in our backyard, processed them to lay under the bushes. 

I started sucking up part of the neighbor's leaves considering the fact that they'll blow right into our yard anyhow. They don't do anything with their leaves until they are all off the trees back there. 

I throw leaves down in replace of mulch and with compost in the fall. Travis is using the Oak leaves to lay over the strawberry bushes in the winter. We'll save more leaves for the spring. 

Do you refer to this season as fall or autumn?


Cascia Talbert said...

That is a great idea! Sometimes I say it is fall and sometimes autumn. They are one in the same. We haven't had time to rake up our lawn yet, so its a big mess. Have a great week!

Liz Mays said...

I actually just read yesterday about using leaves as mulch. They're FREE too, so why haven't I been doing this????

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That's a lot of work!

Janie Junebug said...

I call this season still summer because I live in Florida. It's 78 degrees at almost 7 p.m. My leaves won't turn color and fall off the tree until December or January. I like to rake them into an old garbage can. Then I take them to the backyard and dump them out so they become rich soil. I like the headband and the wrist guards. I wear a bandanna when I work outside.


Masshole Mommy said...

I call it fall. The only time I refer to it as autumn is if we are going to an faire or festival and autumn is in the name.

~ Noelle said...

I call it football season.
No really, I call it mostly fall... occasionally autumn.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I call it fall too. We have so many leaves, I would be thrilled if someone would come take away 3 bags of them!

Juliana said...

That is incredibly nice. You are really raising your boys right.

Miss Polkadot said...

That's such a kind gesture! Raising your children to learn that helping others for free and more for the benefit of feeling happy to do others good is great.


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