Friday, December 25, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. All the posts this week were written in advance. I'm pretty busy this week! It's going up on Christmas, so Merry Christmas if you celebrate that.

  2. Star Wars was fun! The boys and I loved it. Travis is and never has been a fan, so he fell asleep twice. I was wondering why the theater was so dead? Then I looked at the times it's playing, it's playing nonstop in every theater in Omaha. The theater by us no one much knows about, so it was really dead.

    We never get food at the theater, but decided to go all out this time. I'm impressed with how many people didn't spoil the movie online. I saw more people say, "Don't spoil it!" than I did people spoiling it. Maybe it's just my group of friends.

  3. Since I made Star Wars wrapping paper this year, I decided that my oldest nephew needed a Star Wars ship in his package. He only wants money, so I hand money to my husband, and he finds a YouTube video that has whatever it is online to fold. He's pretty good at it. As for me? I'm not so good about folding the money.

  4. Speaking of gifts...once upon a time I gave more gifts. A few years ago one particular person commented that she didn't want me to send anything anymore. They were trying to do less with Christmas gifts. Getting a new flat screen TV and many Playstation games is their idea of doing with less. They hadn't given our kids anything in years, so I didn't get them gifts any more. I was sad about it. This year I got a message from this same person saying that they have high medical bills, and her family won't have a Christmas at all. It was as if she was sending me a message to get them something. So odd! I don't play games, I'm out.
    My sister messaged me in sorrow. She bought lots of food for someone that said that, that's what they wanted for Christmas. She asked several times, and he said he wanted food snacks. She went to Whole Foods and bought lots of great snack type gourmet foods. She spent $45 on him. He decided that he was going on a diet 2 days before their get together. When he unwrapped the gift he said, "I can't have that. I don't want that. I can't have that..." with everything in the bag. She was asking me, "What do I do? I'm expected to get him a gift, but he does this!" I told her to get him something next year that would make her laugh. Then sent her this:

    She laughed alright. Do you have a difficult friend or family member to buy for? Someone that is ungrateful? This holiday is supposed to be about being positive, and giving. I hate when people trample on that!
  5. I did piss someone off this week. I'm most certainly my Father's Daughter. He's known to piss people off without meaning to. It was bound to happen at some point. Someone posted that they were mad that the Goodwill has Merry Xmas on a sign. I just read an article about how X means Christ. I said, "You can be mad at the Goodwill if so desire. Just please read this article first." I don't think they (the girl and her grandmother) read it before screaming at me over the screen, "TAKE THAT LINK OFF THIS PAGE NOW!" I sent the same link to my mom that has complained about the X taking Christ out of Christmas for years. She didn't cyber yell at me. Facebook is fair game is far as I'm concerned. Don't post something if you don't want a different point of view added to what you've posted. Do you get offended by Xmas? I say, "Merry Christmas!", but I don't get my panties in a bunch over Xmas. If you do fine, you're not the one posting on facebook about it, even if you did it's your right just like it's my right to say something to.


~ Noelle said...

We have rude family members.... don't even see them now, thank goodness.
That's cool with the money. Broxton would flip out ☺

Theresa Mahoney said...

The first time anyone complains about a gift will be the last time they get one from me. So far, it hasn't happened though. I think my nephew was upset with me that I only got him a gift card for Christmas. I gave my niece 3 Barbie dolls that totaled $25 and gave him a $25 Xbox gift card. He thought she got more than him. I told him to find a cheaper hobby if he wanted "more" next year. Xbox crap was all he wanted. He should have given more options. At 10, he's still learning the concept of money and the value, so I let it slide. Next year he better have a better attitude.

Ai Sakura said...

My hubby always says.. even if you don't like a gift, just smile and say thank you. No need to be rude about it and appreciate the thought and time that went into getting it.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

dd said...

Oh my. I would be upset if someone went on a diet before I gifted them what they asked for. I wouldn't blame your sis if she didn't give a gift to that person the following year.

Our family doesn't exchange gifts but I live on the West coast and they are in the Midwest anyway. Last year I won Mom & Dad, a ham & cheese gift from Wisconsin Cheeseman and found out a few days ago, I won a meat & cheese assortment again for them! What are the odds of winning 2 yrs in a row?! My dad gladly accepts food gifts from me (he doesn't want me to fuss with presents for him), so that was the best gift ever, even if it arrives a little late for Christmas. I don't mind Xmas but I'm pretty religious, so usually write it out. But really, like you said, no biggie. Always a pleasure to read your posts. Happy New Year! ~Deb

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Family members can be very annoying lol..but after a while I miss them sometimes :). We haven't seen Star Wars yet, we'll wait until it's a bit calm here :). That star wars plane from the money is pretty cool :)

Eat To Live said...

You know... people like the one saying don't get me gifts .... then turn around and make you feel like they want you to send gifts.... THE HECK WITH THEM. Let them figure it out themselves.


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