Friday, January 22, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. When I review a company, and their product(s) I try and give my honest opinion. I had a company message me thanking me for a professional review. They asked me why I gave them 4 stars instead of 5?

    I replied back with, "I love your product. It worked well, and can be cleaned great. It just doesn't come in very many color options. That is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5."

    They messaged me back saying, "What colors would you like to see?" I messaged back, "All the main colors. You do not have any warm colors like red or orange."

    They messaged me back saying, "We'll get those colors in our next inventory. Can you please go back to Amazon to give us a 5 star rating?"

    I didn't message them back. They told me my review was professional. Do you think that it's professional to mark 5 stars when I don't think it's a 5 star product? It's supposed to be my honest opinion. Not a sugar coated opinion. At times I mentally blacklist a company if they don't send out a product to a winner, or me if I've won. I guess someone asking me to change my rating gets added to my blacklist to.

  2. I generally just throw the boy's clothes at them in the morning and say, "Time to get dressed!" One day I asked Isaak to pick out his clothes the night before. This is what he had laying out:

  3. At times I think artists would make great secretaries. Well...only the organized ones. I teach Color and Design Theory. If a student turned in a project that looks like the kid's school flyers I'd fail them. Oh my goodness there is no contrast. Do not put black type on blue paper, red type on black paper, or yellow type on white paper. You need really good lightly to read most of the kid's flyers from school.

  4. We've been looking into middle schools for Mica. There are a few school around here that have 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. I signed him up for one, but who knows if he'll get in. I guess the area that lives there gets first dibs on if their kid(s) go there, or not. On one hand it would be nice to have Mica and Isaak in the same school another year. On the other hand I don't care for the 5th grade teachers at the boy's school right now. Time will tell. 

  5. When I was younger if someone said the same thing at the same time as you we both said, "Jinx you owe me a Coke!" The boys say this all the time, and for them it never gets old. Except they yell out, "Jinx you owe me a soda pop!" Did you ever say this growing up? What did you say?


Theresa Mahoney said...

If I leave a 4 star, I always state in my review why I knocked stars off. That way they don't come back and ask me to change it. I had an Ebay seller badger me for feedback the day my product arrived. First of all, feedback on something I bought is OPTIONAL. Be happy I bought from you in the first place. Second, give me a chance to try out the damn product before hounding me for feedback! I eventually did leave positive because it was a great deal and I loved the product, but I did mention in my review that the seller will hound for feedback as soon you buy from them. They didn't like that, but oh well.

~ Noelle said...

I would NOT change the rating... It is your review and you rate it how you want.
I love how he laid out his clothes... that makes me giggle.

Jinx... I just yelled JINX and that is what Broxton does, the older boys did the owing a coke part.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

our honest review is far more important. And whenever it's really good, I will definitely give them the stars they deserve :). Otherwise, no way..

Ai Sakura said...

I reckon if they are good at customer service recovery, there's no need to ask you to amend your rating. If the colours did come out and you are pleased with it, I'm sure you would have updated your review!! If all they are looking for are 5-star ratings, they can just pay people for that. No need to ask for honest, professional reviews. Blacklist please~

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

mail4rosey said...

I have left less than five stars and been asked to change it too. I did not. I used to write for Tomoson every once in awhile. Two sponsors in a row got aggravated with me for not giving great reviews. One was really peeved and gave me a bad rating on Tomoson, lol. Whatevs. I have sent back a product too, more than once, for blog review because I couldn't say nice things about it (the rollie still makes me laugh, I hate that thing, and yes, I do know some people love it ;) ).

We say, 'jinx.' I've never heard anyone add the soda/pop phrase at the end. :)

Terra Heck said...

Regarding reviews, I had the same thing happen to me once too. I gave 4 stars instead of 5. There was one minor con to the product and that's why it didn't get the highest rating. They weren't happy that I wouldn't change my star status either. Too bad, so sad.


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