Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Wish I Had a Magic Wand

The week started out with a call from my mom saying, "Your Grandpa is in the hospital. He was driving down Dodge Street the wrong way." We're lucky he didn't get in an accident. Dodge Street is a busy street. He's in his 80's, and totally with it prior to this incident. The doctors found out he has a Urinary Tract Infection. He's been in the hospital with one of these before a few times. He doesn't remember Monday at all. Since then he's been seeing cats in his hospital room.

I picture this:

My Grandpa is still seeing cats. My aunt moved his bed in hopes that the cats had something to do with the light above his bed.

I wish I could swish a magic wand in the air to make my Grandpa better. 

Yesterday I had a student show up with tears running down her face. She just had a baby a month ago. It's hard enough to go to school full time after having a baby, but she also works.

Her boyfriend is an ass! He has 5 other kids with other women. He had a job, but quit because child support was taken out of his check every week. A real stand up kind of guy! NOT! He's uber controlling.

My student had to remove her guy friends off facebook, she had to change her name to be his on facebook (they are not married), he tells my student that he doesn't want her to go to class because he does everything around their apartment, he complains about making dinner, he has hit her, and he threatened to leave if she left to go to school.

I told my student to number 1, go check on her baby. If her ass of a boyfriend threatened to leave after she left for school then that would leave the baby home alone. Then I told her I'd leave phone numbers for her to call for help, paper, and pens to try and get help in an office no one, but her could use. She left to go check on the baby at 10 AM, and didn't get back until 1 PM. I think she gave up the idea of getting help.

Some women think their emotions are running high due to postpartum issues. You and I know full aware that this dip of a boyfriend is an ass. My student is smart and kind, but not smart with the current situation she's in. She wouldn't make those phone calls. I gave her the sheets of papers with the helpful organizations, and told her to hide them. She needs support.

I stalked checked out my student's ass of a boyfriend on facebook. He said hurtful, awful things in reference to my student. Like, "It would be nice if I was made dinner every once in awhile." Hummm...she was working last night to support them. and "History repeats its self. The women in my life have to just do their own thing." Going to class is doing your own thing!? I wish I could kick his ass. All he does is watch their kid. He lives off my student's Target job, and student loans. Shaking my head!

I wish I could swish a magic wand in the air to make my my student get out of the current state she's in. 


Ai Sakura said...

Sorry to say but seriously that guy is just garbage and I wish your student could see that too!! Where's her family? Be careful for yourself too though, a guy like him might come after you if he knows that you are trying to talk sense to her and offer help to get her away from him.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Ai Sakura said...

Oh and really sorry to hear about your Grandpa too. Hope you gets well soon!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sorry about your grandpa! Hopefully he has a speedy recovery!
I will never understand the mentality of women who stay in abusive relationships. My mom was married to a drunken abuser for several years before wising up and getting out. Some of the stuff we witnessed, no child or adult should ever have to see. I know there are some who will argue that there's only so much help the system gives and the women are scared they'll get killed if they leave, but I'll argue that staying could get them killed as well. I can tell you how many times my mom was on that brink, and oh how I prayed every day she would leave him. I'd take my chances on the street than to stick around any man who mentally or physically abuses me. Jason was told from day one I'd walk in a heartbeat if he ever flung nasty words or fists at me.

~ Noelle said...

Sorry about your Grandpa. I know UTI's are so much worse when you're older as far as hallucinations and what not. (My mema started talking to the tv and telling people that she had people in her room when it was the tv)

So sorry about your student too. I am sure you take some of the pain that they go through home with you too.. Her boyfriend sounds like a big loser, hope she realizes and gets out now...

Maryann D. said...

I do hope your Grandpa is better now. But I really like the cat picture!
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Terra Heck said...

Hope your grandpas gets to feeling better. My mom suffers from frequent UTIs. I can usually tell when she has one when she starts talking crazy.
Hope that student gets wise real quick and leaves that loser.

mail4rosey said...

It probably seems like a normal way of life to her. Sad truth though, if she leaves he could get custody. He's been the 'primary parent' in the eyes of the court if he's the one home with the baby. IF he wanted to press it, that could def. take place. Mortifies me, but I've see it happen.


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