Friday, April 8, 2016


My favorite board game growing up was Rummikub. My Aunt Becky taught my cousins, sisters and I how to play. I was hooked big time. I've annoyed other players at times because I'd take the whole game board apart just to try and get my pieces down.

Isaak's been into this game lately. He does however get into a game one week, and is done with it the next week.

If you've never played the game before here's how to play:

  1. Mix the tiles up
  2. Select 14 tiles
  3. You can put out runs (one color in number order) or sets (different colors of the same number) that are 3 tiles, or more - You have to have 21 points to lay out the first round 
  4. There are 2 happy faces in the game - They can be anything - They equal 21 points, so if you have one to start you can lay down your tiles on your first turn
  5. After you've laid out you can play on anything - You can separate things - You can take tiles to lay down some of your tiles - You just need to make sure that there is always groups of 3, or more out of runs and sets - no stray tiles laying around
  6. If you can't play you draw
  7. You keep playing in a circle until one person is out of tiles (they win)
It's like Rummy, but there's way more to do.

*In our house if one person wins, and more people are playing we have runner up winners.

*There are times I help Isaak. He can be a sore cranky loser. I'll stop and ask a tile he has to figure out what can be done with it.

*If you are playing this game 1/2 a day to kill time on like a snow day you can play until one person wins, tally up the points of the others. Everything is face value, except the happy faces they are 21 points. Continue to play more rounds with each game tallying up the points of the losers. Say after 5 games see who has the least amount of points. Claim that person as the winner. Agree on how many games you are going to play prior to playing though. Otherwise you may argue about how many games are to be played, and who is actually the winner.

Isaak must like board games as well. He made this one called Run Away:

He even had a case. It was the foam that my essential oil diffuser was in.

 Do you like playing games? What game is your favorite?

Disclaimer: I didn't receive anything for posting this. I just like the game Rummikub.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Awe, how creative of him to recycle the foam for a case. And his game does sound so cute!

Masshole Mommy said...

Wow, Rummikub sounds like such a fun game. I am sure my two would like it!

~ Noelle said...


mail4rosey said...

We do like board games here too. My daughter made her own on wood when she was younger and it was fun! We like the classics, and my son loves Pass the Pigs.


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