Friday, April 15, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak told me when Travis was gone, "Ya know I kind of like Dad better because he doesn't make us clean." I had a chuckle over that one.

    I remember when I was little talking with my sister Angie, "If Mom and Dad ever got divorced who would you want to live with?" We both agreed on Mom. If we lived with Dad we'd only have cans of beans to eat. Ha! It had nothing to do with love. It had everything to do with survival. 

  2. Travis works with a few people that are on food stamps. They need them, and that's what they are for.

    The odd things are:

    That they are afraid of getting a raise. Then they loose their food stamps.

    Every time Travis brings in his lunch they think he's going to share. He said a few times, "You know we can have a potluck where everybody brings in something they've made." They both responded with, "We don't know how to cook." He's like, "I'll share at times, but not every time. It's my lunch." They keep asking when I'm going to bring in cookies next. Anytime Travis brings up something that was delicious they chime in with, "Are you going to bring us some?"

  3. We have a new Education Director at the school this year. I like her. I liked the one before her as well. Our school is very small. The Education Director now is more professional. She keeps everything confidential, and gets to work right away. The Education Director before just embraced the small school, she knew that she wasn't at work a lot, so she wanted us to all be informed as to what was going on. She liked to know the scoop always, told me the scoop. She always said, "Good morning!" all the time. It's a transition for sure. I'm not as gossipy as some, but I'm not all hush hush either. I most certainly do not go and tell the students anything that is discussed in the office.

  4. On Friday I played loud music, while we ate dinner. I started out with old country. Then I'm like, "Oh Travis isn't here." I played nothing but girly music after that. He doesn't care for Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Melissa Etheridge, Ani Difranco, and Fiona Apple. Yes they are all dated songs now. I like them because they are all altos (minus Tori and Sarah). I can sing to them perfectly.

  5.  We've had Travis home all week. Crazy thing - I've been just on time to work. When he was gone I was 10 minutes early. He's a SLOW breakfast eater, and hops on his phone, which he says is the same as watching the news. He complained about my alarm going off early, so it's now set when his goes off. It's slowing me down. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Now, I wonder who my kids would want to live with if Jason and I divorced. I make them clean, but he doesn't cook. Probably me, because food always win lol

~ Noelle said...

Ha.... Love the way kids think :)

I know its weird getting used to a schedule when they are home... then when he leaves it messes up for a bit.. but then a new routine ...
its odd...


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