Monday, April 11, 2016

The Start of Swimming Lessons at @Swimtastic_Swim

Last week our boys started swimming lessons at Swimtastic. It's a hidden gem that's behind PE 101 in Omaha, Nebraska.

If you don't live in Omaha, Swimtastic is in other spots in the US: Lincoln, Nebraska | Captive, Florida | Fox Cities, Wisconsin | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Franklin, Wisconsin

It's been about a year and a half since they've had lessons. I wasn't sure where they'd fit in. I'm glad the staff at Swimtastic was willing to work with them. Later we found the lessons they are more suited for, which they start tonight.

When we went in there was a desk where the staff greeted us. Everyone seems very happy to be working there, and eager to show us around.

It has a really open floor plan once you enter the spot where parents sit. It's called the Observation Deck.  

Inside the Observation Deck There is:

  • Open space - One can sit close to the pool, or in the back to be on bathroom duty for their little kids
  • Some toys for little kids to play - Fun for siblings not in swimming lessons just yet 
  • Signs about pool safety - I'm not sure how much they are read, but certainly important
  • Fun fish that hang from the ceiling - Added fun to the room
  • Patio plastic chairs for parents to sit - I liked sitting on these chairs over bleachers
  • Concession stand filled with candy - I kind of wish this spot had more things like Protein Bars and other healthy snacks
  • Swimtastic merchandise - To make them a one stop swimming place 
  • A monitor - That shows Swimtastic instructors 

I'm not used to being behind glass to view my kids in their lessons. I didn't mind it. It was less noisy. It keeps the establishment cleaner with less traffic into the pool area!

If I could add something to this area it would be small cubby lockers.

Shower and Bathrooms:

I have to be honest I didn't get a good look at this area. I'm only going off what Travis, Mica and Isaak said.

They are clean, but pretty small. There are no lockers in this area. Plan on having a big swim bag.

They have a boys and girls bathroom. I do like that they have 1 added family shower and bathroom. This is something I always wanted when we were at the Y.

Shower time after swimming lessons was always the most stressful time of the week. The kids were wound up after their lessons, it is close to bedtime, and kids act like they can't get their wet suit off their body. It's nice to have one room that a whole family can go to take care of the showering part.

There are colored spots in the hallway of the bathrooms where kids stand to show they are ready for their lessons.

The Pool:

The pool has 90 degree water. Isaak looked cautious when jumping in because he was expecting it to be cold. It wasn't. 

They have lanes marked off for different swimming classes. I love that they could get both my boys in at the same time! 

There is a slide, but as you can see in the picture below there's no diving allowed. It's too shallow of a pool to dive in. 

At Swimtastic the instructors seem like they really want the kids to learn what they are there for - to swim. 

My boys forgot so much of what they learned in swimming lessons before. Isaak said, "I hate swimming backwards." I said, "I'm glad they made you! It's important for you to learn how to swim like that!" 

It did seem like younger kids go there. That might change with our lessons tonight. Mica will be in a class with kids more his age. 

Overall the kids are enjoying getting back into their lessons. I'm glad I was asked to do this. Did you take swimming lessons when you were younger? What's something you remember about them?

Follow Swimtastic on twitter, and like their facebook page.

Disclaimer: I received free lessons for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I will be blogging about their lessons again towards the end.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I like that they let you observe. When I had Mariah and Allison in lessons, we had to drop them off then leave. It was ok with me though. I hated how hot it was in the pool and the chlorine smell always gave me a huge headache.

~ Noelle said...

How cool. I want broxton to take a refresher, but we need to know we have a pool to enjoy this year :)
(Our friends with a pool are moving )

Kristi Maloney said...

Ryan recently took lessons at the local Y. I remember taking lessons as a kid too. I remember having to tread water for a while - which I found to be difficult.

Ai Sakura said...

Wow an indoor heated pool! That's great as it means you can get lessons in all year round no matter the weather :)

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

It looks like a great place indeed, Alissa. My kids haven't started the swimming lessons but they're okay already :)

mail4rosey said...

The family bathroom is nice. My son was too old to be traipsing through the women's locker room when he took swimming at the Y, and too little to go to the men's alone. So... he had to go through to the pool with me.

Jamie | The Kitchenarium said...

We have been taking lessons at Swimtastic for a few years now. It is INCREDIBLY expensive but I have found that my children are leaps and bounds better swimmers after a few weeks of lessons at Swimtastic than they were after a summer of lessons through the city. We decided swimming skills are really important and have made the sacrifice to continue lessons. You truly get what you pay for in this case.

Sophie Grace said...

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