Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mummy Sleeping Bag Review

Mica's turing 11 on Wednesday this week! They grow up so fast. I've been trying to think of things that he needs an upgrade on. One thing that I knew he needed was a new sleeping bag. The one he had was for kids. I look at him, and he's the size of some 15 year boys! Thankfully EGOZ sent us their Almond - Mummy style sleeping bag.

  • It's $22.90 for the black one that we got
  • It's $24.90 for the blue one that they have
  • It's lightweight, and easy to carry around
  • It's a 3 season sleeping bag, Temp. rated +30ºF, 190cm long + 30cm top and 75cm wide
  • It's 100% Polyester with fill of %100 Cotton
  • It has a bag to roll it to put in

The Bag it Comes in:

It was a little hard for me to roll it up, and stuff it back in. I find that with nearly all sleeping bags. I just wish they'd make the bags slightly bigger. If it's hard for me, than it will certainly be difficult for young tweens and teens. Many of them have adult sized bodies.

Also the stitching on the side of the bag looks like it may not hold up for a long time.

I do love the handle. Some bags don't have this. This is a great feature.

Check out the Mummy Sleeping Bag:

It's a great length. I love the heat of it. It has an extra bit of fabric up there that I think will keep the pillow from slipping all over the place.

It has a draw string that can be pulled to make the bag more mummy like on cold nights. Then there's a velcro that is over the zipper, so the zipper doesn't come undone. It does have a plastic zipper, which I wish more products had metal zippers. I just think they hold up longer. I feel the same thing about coats.

There's lots of room.

Overall I'm happy with this sleeping bag. I know Mica will love it.

Mica isn't in scouts, but we do like to go camping! 

Disclaimer: I received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest review. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Harry Flashman said...

I wish they'd had those things back when I was in the Marines. Our issue sleeping bags were huge, heavy, bulky, and if they got wet you were done for.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison would love this bag! She always steals mine out of my closet to snuggle up and read in.

~ Noelle said...

That looks great for Marc and Broxton. BUT - we have like 7 sleeping bags, so I am NOT adding more to the collection. ha ha haa


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