Thursday, August 11, 2016

Salbakos 2 pk Oversized Cotton-Silk Bath Towels Review

We have 2 colors of towels: Grey and Yellow. They go with our rug in there. Some of our towels were looking kind of drab. I got Salbakos 2 pk Oversized Cotton-Silk Bath Towels to review.

They Come in 4 Different Colors:
  • Gray 
  • White
  • Taupe
  • Ivory
I picked gray. I have had white, ivory, and yellow towels in the past. They tend to show their ware faster than gray in my opinion.


They are a luxury 95% Turkish cotton-5% Italian silk bath towel. I've already washed them. I wash clothes, sheets, and towels before using them. They stayed super soft. I did dry them with wool balls that had drops of lavender and lemon essential oils on them to give the towels a nice scent.

They are made with no harmful chemicals, no pesticides, and are eco-friendly. With all the allergies in our house I love that the company American Pillowcase is environmentally friendly.


30x60, which is a nice big size. 

2 for $99.99, but on sale for $49.99.


I'm glad I got this set. They work well in our bathroom. Most importantly the towels cover my body after a shower.

You could take these towels to the beach, swimming, to a gym, to a spa, and more.

Disclaimer: I received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest review. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Ai Sakura said...

Even from the photos they look so soft and fluffy.. just the way I like it!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

They do look so plush and cozy! I'd love a set for our master bathroom!

mail4rosey said...

I think those do look great!! I used to laugh at my mom getting excited over towels. Now...I do too. Cyclical, I suppose. ;) :)

~ Noelle said...

I love the way they look.. but I would not buy them for our house... Too much money for now. Seems as though everyone that uses towels thinks they need bleach stains all over them. (Looks really great on my green , red and blue towels... let me just tell you!)
oh, and I could not just go with white with these boys. Not a chance ;)


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