Friday, August 5, 2016

Recycling and Reuse


At home we recycling everything that can be. They don't take the glass because too many garbage men were getting hurt from the broken stuff. The city does have a spot where they have dumpsters to collect glass. We have one of those spots that's walking distance, so when we get a small bag full we walk it over to recycle it.


For awhile we were collecting caps. The city didn't want them because they were so small. An artist friend collects them for art, so we gave him our collection every so often. I was surprised at how fast we collect those things! We don't even drink bottled water, or soda at our house.

I also hang onto yogurt and cottage cheese containers for students to use for paint water.


We keep a compost pile year round. I have since I was little. It's good for when you need to grow things, it doesn't take up too much room, and I love that my garbage rarely stinks because all our peelings and extra food scraps go into the compost bin outside. Along with that we hang on to all our leaves too.

I once had a grocery cart I got for a Halloween. I was a bum. I may be a bum again for Halloween because it was so easy! Anyhow we thought about getting rid of the cart, but then saw this:

We're going to line it with burlap, keep compost scraps and leaves in there, and plant stuff on top. 


I had a student that recycled paper for the last few years. She just graduated. There is no recycle program here at all. 

Personally I feel like city businesses should be forced to recycle. They go through things way more than a family would. I know that carpet and furniture stores have to crush their boxes, and recycling should be the next logical step. 

As far as homes go, I think it's a personal take. If I lived out in the sticks I'd just burn my trash. I wouldn't take steps to go into town to recycle. Gas would be burned just to go into the city to recycle. I suppose it could be collected, and taken into town when I went. I'd have to weigh out if it was worth it, or not. It just doesn't make sense. I would however keep a compost bin, or pile.

I decided to ask my work: There are many students that feel passionate about recycling here. The student that did this is no longer here. In order to sustain a positive student mindset I feel like it's important to keep this going. If I went to the library, got 3 recycle bins (1 for each classroom) could I recycle the paper here?

The response pissed me off: Only if you use your own time to do it. You have to keep the bins from overflowing. You have to make sure the bins are no where in site for Open Houses. 

This had to go through 3 people before it came back to me. 

The bins are always under the tables where the printers are. I don't see how having a recycle bin out is any different than having a trash can sitting there. 

I understand about making sure they don't overflow. I wouldn't want that either. 

The message came from the Director, but it was actually my Boss that decided what to say back to me. The Director said, "If you need any help, let me know!" :) I know know my Boss. He's nice, but certainly not for change. It's odd because he runs an art school! My Boss just got done saying that he wants me to run things how I see fit, yet he's this way about me recycling. 

Would you start the recycling program, or would you just say screw it? 

I feel passionate about it, but their response makes me want to scream. Part of me wants to throw back at them that I was told in my review that I could run the classroom more... I'm not a difficult person. Actually I'm pretty easy going for the most part. They schedule guest speakers in our classes at random times, and I bend without a fuss. They change my assignments, and I make sure they are changed properly without complaining about it. They make me manage the classroom being cleaned by the students before breaks, and I do it well. I do know that if I don't say something than it all piles up, and one day I will want to blow up.  


Harry Flashman said...

We had a recycling center at our county dump. It was run by county employees. Then the county outsourced the dump to a commercial firm. That was the end of recycling here. Everything is hauled to middle Georgia in big trucks, and incinerated.

It used to be that if you had something you needed to get rid of, that was still usable but you just didn't need, there was a shed at the dump you put it in. Then anyone who wanted it could take it. There would be bicycles, tools, patio furniture, working air conditioners, heaters, just about anything.

But when the commercial company took over they banned taking anything from the dump. They said "no scavenging permitted." So now all that useful equipment and other things goes to the commercial incinerator and that is it.

A bunch of us complained to the county commissioner and he said it was too bad, but there was nothing he could do about it. He is pretty worthless.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Is probably try to recruit some students to help manage it. If you think the students want to recycle surely some of them would be willing to chip in and help? Sorry the response wasn't more supportive.

Jeanna said...

Interesting thoughts, I used to be an avid recycler but lapsed somewhere along the way. I certainly agree about businesses and have to say my apt complex is pretty good at keeping the trash bins empty and getting rid of unstepped upon boxes. With all the Amazon boxes that pile up around here I'm pretty impressed they all seem to land int he recycling bin. It's great when you can find a use for things like bottle caps I knew someone who collected all those useless AOL CDs to put on walls and tables. Love the idea of a shopping cart for treat or treating, wish I wud have thought of that years ago!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I recycle everything I can too. Our city makes us pay for the bins each month, so if I have to pay, they are getting a full bin lol. Really, I do it because it makes me feel less wasteful, not because I have to pay. I like what Lisa said. Maybe ask a few students to help man the bins?

mail4rosey said...

It could be one of those things that will just take off if you get it in a groove. If not, you could just stop doing it. I'd def. try, colleges have lots to recycle. I'm surprised to hear it's not already a thing.

Cascia Talbert said...

Recycling is great! We have a compost bin out by our shed. Usually I toss veggie scraps in the yard for the rabbits. If my compost bin was closer to the house I think I would use it more often. I think you should go ahead and try to get a recycling program going. I am surprised that there isn't one in your community.

An Apel a Day said...

Cascia - We have recycling in our community. Just not at the school where I work. Businesses do not have to recycle here in Nebraska. I so wish that would change.

~ Noelle said...

We don't recycle here. We used to try, but it was a pain. (Sad excuse I know)


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