Tuesday, September 20, 2016

WW: Popcorn and Bees {Linky}

I just finished a piece of artwork. I actually had two projects going on at once. Now it's time to say goodbye to one because it's finished! 

It's about the decline in bees right now. That's the reason they are wearing gas masks.

A Few Details: 

The bees took forever. I look at them, and still see things I could do. Materials: Yellow Paper, Colored Pencil Filings, Cut String, Vinyl for their masks masks, Acetate and Tracing Paper for the wings, Felt for the pollen.

For the steam of the sunflower I used popcorn stalks. We grew popcorn, so why not use them in a painting? The yellow stuff on the sides of the steam is dried corn silk. I dry brushed yellow on it. There is some build up of molding paste to get some textures.

I tried another thing new with this painting. I wanted to hint at more in the background, but didn't want paint anything back there. Dripping paint right on the canvas didn't give me enough control. I dripped paint on an old picture, let it dry, and scraped it up with a razor blade to glue down. That's how I got the yellow "blobs".

Bees: We actually have some flying around our house right now. Isaak is a true bee charmer. He love to pet them. He hasn't been stung petting them yet. 

They are so busy I got some close-ups of them. 

I also spotted an empty wasp nest on a walk. I gave it to Isaak to add to his nature collection.

We grew Popcorn. We grew Sweet Corn before, but this is our first year growing Popcorn. To be true Nebraskan's we have to grow corn right?

The boys just picked it off. Travis tried popping an ear, but it wasn't dry enough. I hope we get the popping down. It will be nice to have some popcorn. We're still newbies at that.


stevebethere said...

Brilliant work love the mask on them reflecting their decline :-)

Nice photos and I love some popcorn :-)

Have a poptastic week :-)

Kristi Maloney said...

Excellent piece of artwork! Very impressive. I love the bees in gas masks and the details to make this piece 3D. Well done. Also, good luck with the popcorn. My husband would love this - he eats popcorn daily. :)

NanaHood said...

I agree with an earlier comment, the gas mask is cool and you are talented!


XmasDolly said...

Well, now that your bee picture has totally scared the beegeezus out of me... I think it's time for bed.... I'm allergic to bees. Must admit though great pics!

csuhpat1 said...

Wow, very beautiful.

Mandy said...

I could just stare at your artwork forever. You did an amazing job with the bee. It looks absolutely beautiful and so detailed. I can tell you know what you're doing. ;) I'm jealous. Also love how you incorporated the corn silk in the painting. Just … wow. :)

It was also fun seeing the popping corn you are growing. Love that your boys are helping with that. I imagine it's very time consuming picking and shucking all of the corn. Will you sell it or give it away? … Or is there just enough for your family? I can't tell in the pictures … Plus, I know absolutely nothing about growing popcorn or the process that you have to go through to turn it into popping corn kernels.

DebC said...

I love this painting, and you've captured great photos of the bees. Love your talent!

Theresa Mahoney said...

You did so good with this painting. It's brilliant!

I love Mica's guide to shucking corn. He's a natural in front of the camera. You guys sure did get a nice haul in popcorn. I hope it pops up nice and fluffy for you in 4 to 6 weeks :)

~ Noelle said...

The painting is FANTASTIC!!! I love it! Awesome job!!!!
Love the detail.

Lol, you know I am excited to see you guys growing corn. let me know how it turns out ;)

Mademoiselle Mermaid said...

Excellent, thought-provoking artwork!! You are very talented!!

Anonymous said...

Harvesting your own food is my dream! Something amazing about knowing how safe your food is!

Sorry for my late comment and thanks for linking up as well =)


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