Sunday, October 9, 2016

Quilted Waterproof Cargo Liner Cover For a SUV

Once upon a time, not so long ago I went to put something in the backend of our Outback, and realized that there was specks of Styrofoam all over it. Even our shop vac didn't want to put up the pieces of Styrofoam in the fibers. It took a ton of time to vacuum that mess up. I decided then and there that I needed something to cover that backend for when Travis transports sculpture things.

Thankfully I got a Quilted Waterproof Cargo Liner Cover For a SUV to review. It's made by: INNX.

What if can be used for:
  • Pets 
  • Camping
  • Gardening - supplies and plants
  • Hauling - things like sculpture or furniture
  • 41" Width
  • 52" Length
  • 17.7" Height

Color: It only comes in black.

Since my husband work with all kinds of materials: Styrofoam, wax, and all kinds of metals it's important to me to protect our vehicle.

It came in a small box, and unfolded easily. It's pretty easy to install. It would have been easier to install if there was one visual instruction guide. It's left for the buyer to figure out.

There are straps that adjust, and fit over the back seats. Then velcro fits on the sides of the SUV. We haven't installed the velcro just yet. This is going to be a Christmas gift to Travis. Merry Christmas Travis. He also wants to wait to install the velcro when he goes to KC to deliver a sculpture to their foundry, or pick one up.

The velcro is pretty easy to put in place. It has a strip that needs to be removed to put it in.

I love that it has a big pocket for anything you need. I imagine for us tools, tent steaks, or a flashlight will fit in this pocket.

The material seems really durable. It's totally meant to last. 

Cost wise it's not too expensive. It was originally $79.99, and is now $59.99. Buy it before the price changes. Considering that it helps take care of the value of the SUV, I'm ok with the price. 

Do you haul very many things in your vehicle?

Disclaimer: I got this product for a discount in exchange for an honest review. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

This would be great for when we pick our dogs up from the kennel and they are so filthy. It'd really help keep them mess down when transporting them home.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Nice liner, and I like the pockets.

~ Noelle said...

We don't haul in our SUV since we also have a truck... but that would have been great for us before our truck purchase!!! Looks nice


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