Monday, November 7, 2016

Craft-tastic the String Art II Kit Review

I'm always on the hunt for crafts that Isaak will enjoy. He loves crafts, but many of them are geared towards girls.

I was super excited to find Craft-tastic the String Art II Kit in a toy shop in Kansas City. Right away I took an image with my phone, and said to Travis, "I have to get this for Issak!" He agreed that Isaak would enjoy it. I emailed the company and they sent Craft-Tastic the String Art II Kit for me to review. 

This set is made by Ann Williams. Their slogan is, Where fun rules! They have a lot of other craft sets to check out!


Inside there is visual instructions. I love instructions like that! So many companies will send instructions that are words only, which I find hard to follow. Even Isaak could follow the instructions.

In this set there are 3 different string art designs that can be created:
  1. A Planet
  2. A Star
  3. A Rocket
They have dots on each template to make up the basic design. The templates are on a black foam type board, which is easy to push stick pins through. Beneath the foam there's a black stiff paper that is put on. They already include the double sided tape. The stick pins go through the foam board, but not the stiff backing.

The Planet

The Star

The Rocket

I was pretty sure Isaak would pick the rocket, which he did.

I would have picked the rocket as well. We'll get to another one during winter break, and the last one during spring break. I like to have special things like this to do when the kids are off school.

There's a plastic tray that everything fits inside. We put it in there to start out with, so it wouldn't slip around.

This craft set is for ages 10 and up.

The stick pins are a big reason that this craft set is for ages 10 and up. I was with Isaak the whole time, so he didn't stick himself. The set also takes a lot of coordination.

Isaak took the stick pin box and dumped them in a pile to make them easier to grab. They weren't all over like the picture shows.

The fun starts:

Push the stick pins in each dot, but don't push it in so hard that it punctures that back paper. Isaak loved doing this! He had trouble with only one. It kept going in at an angle. I helped him with that one pin. The rest he did by himself.

Embroidery Floss Colors:
  • Red
  • Orange
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Lime Green
  • Shimmery Teal 
  • Shimmery Blue
  • Shimmery Purple
  • Shimmery Green

After getting all the stick pins in the dots, it's time to choose some colors. Isaak didn't want to follow the box. He picked shimmery blue and green for the rocket body, purple for the sides of the rocket, and orange and red for the flame.

Adding on the Embroidery Floss:

This is where kids need help. This is where I needed help. I'm not very good with making knots. Especially on itty bitty needles, with embroidery floss that ends like to fray. I did it! Make a knot, cut off the shorter end, and weave from pin to pin keeping it taut, but not pulling hard to bend the pins.

Keep the one color within it's confined area.

Knot it, and cut off the short end. Add a new color to the mix. It looks best to use a few colors in one given area.

Almost done...

Blast off...

What we thought:

Isaak loved this craft! He's only 8, but he stuck with it way more than Mica would have (age 11). Mica's not into crafts. I did have to help Isaak with the knots, but I think I would have had to help Mica with them too.

I like that this is a craft that is for boys and girls. They have other options for the future. I think Isaak would also like Craft-tastic I Love Animals Kit, Craft-tastic Ojo de Dios Kit (God's Eyes), and Craft-tastic Yarn Giraffes Kit. There's a ton of sets on their site! They even have craft sets geared more towards adults.

I love that they have a monthly box option. Their how to videos are great as well.


$19.99 on their website, and $15.92 on Amazon + on Prime.

Do you have a craft lover in your house?

Check out more craft sets on their website, visit their informative blog, check out Ann Williams on twitter, facebook, YouTube, pinterest, and instagram

Disclaimer: I received Craft-tastic the String Art II Kit to review by Ann Williams. This post was written by me. I was not influenced in any way. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

How fun is this!? I love these kinds of crafts. I bet Allison would love a set too. I'll definitely keep this in mind when shopping for her Christmas gifts this year.

Masshole Mommy said...

This is so cool. My kids would love it - especially my little one.

~ Noelle said...

My dad had neat piece of art like this that hung in his office for years. So cool.


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