Friday, November 11, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. Everyone that's been reading this for awhile knows I teach at an art college. If you didn't know - there's that tid bit of information about me.

    This week when Trump won so many of my students were upset. I felt bad for them. Even if the tables were turned, and they were upset that Clinton won I'd still feel for them. I don't like to see people upset.

    I went to a grocery store during lunch time, and bought my students mini cupcakes and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on their Halloween sale. This wasn't normal for me to do something like this, but I was in a giving mood, and wanted to lift their spirits.

    Later on that day I found out that about 2 students out of 25 voted. I had a mix of emotions. I too fit in their category when I was younger. I didn't vote, but would complain about the upper ups. It was so bad of me I know. Now I get it when people are pissed when people don't vote, and don't educate themselves on who they are voting for. I kind of felt annoyed that the student body was complaining, but didn't do their part to vote for who they wanted in office.

    Does it make you mad when people don't vote, yet complain about things? 

  2. On election night I decided we needed a break from politics. I put in the last season of The Wonder Years. Our library ordered it because I requested it. I was so happy! It's crazy that the episode we just happened to be on was called, Politics as Usual. It was about Kevin's Dad liking Nixon and his Mom being a democrat. 

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  4. Isaak has a  bean plant he brought home from school. He took great care of it when it was in a cup with a wet paper towel. Since I took this picture Travis has helped him put it in a pot with plant soil. I call it, Isaak and Giant Bean Salk. It does keep growing up and up. Soon Travis will help him to make something for it to climb.

  5. Yesterday an instructor was sick. I had to take over her morning lecture. It went well. I filled up a whole hour, and added onto what she had written.

  6. Mica continues to get better with his trumpet. I have him play in his room with his door shut. Those bad notes are just awful on my ears. He wants to come out to play in the living room to give us a concert. I recently said, "It's a concert with you in your room. I can still hear you play." Ha! 


~ Noelle said...

I am so over politics as a whole. It brings out the worst in people.

Lol at a concert in his room. Broxton said he wanted a keyboarf, then drums. No clue what instrument if I asked him today. Nope, not until he can want one and keep it the same for a while :)

Harry Flashman said...

Your students aren't alone. I watched a news segment tonight where the talking head asked people rioting in Portland, Oregon if they had voted. Nobody had. But they were out there breaking windows and starting fires.

I'm in a state of ecstasy. Even that kind of ludicrous behavior can't rain on my parade.

I knew you taught, but didn't know you taught Art. When I was a teacher, our district discontinued art and fired all the art teachers to save money. I told my principal they should quit spending all that money on organized athletics and that would pay for the art and music classes. But that idea did not do well.....

Theresa Mahoney said...

Just like Kaepernick, who wants to protest our anthem, didn't vote, yet wants to complain about his injustices. Look, I get people are pissed about Trump winning, but complaining about wanting to leave the country because of it? Well hurry the hell up and go. The rest of us have work to do getting our country back in order without dealing with whiny, rioting little pansies who need a safe space because their feelings are hurt. Get on board or get the hell out of the way. These protests aren't going to change a thing. Tearing up your city isn't going to change a thing. Get involved in your community and start to make a difference yourself.


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