Monday, November 7, 2016

Rubber Band Game Review

You may have read my previous post on Craft-tastic the String Art II Kit. If you didn't read that post it's so worth the time to read it. I just love their craft sets! The same company Ann Williams sent me a game to review as well. I knew they made craft sets, but had no idea that they make a game as well.

The Rubber Band Game was one that Mica helped me review. 

This game is made by Ann Williams. Their slogan is, Where fun rules! They have a lot of craft sets to check out!
 Rubber Band Game Includes:

  • 12 colorful blocks
  • 250 colorful rubber bands
  • 4 wooden sticks to shoot the rubber bands to knock blocks down
  • 2 purple dice

How to Play:

There's over 20 ways to play the game. It's cool you can play it in a variety of different ways.

I let Mica come up with what way he wanted to play.
  1. Mica stacked the blocks up.

  2. We rolled to see who would go first.

  3. Player A rolled to see what number they had to knock down with their rubber band. 

  4. If Player A knocked down the correct number that the dice had with their rubber band they got the same points that the dice had.

    For instance if I rolled a 6, I'd have to knock down the 6 block with my rubber band, and would get 6 points. 

  5. We kept taking turns rolling, and trying to knock that number down. 

  6. The player that got 25 points or higher won the game. 
Stack The Blocks

Roll the Die

Pick a Rubber Band

Shoot - In this case try and shoot the 3 and higher because that's what was rolled. 
If all the blocks get knocked down, that player doesn't get any points. If none of the blocks get knocked down, that player doesn't get any points either. It has to be a 3, and up.

In this case all the blocks got knocked down, so this player didn't get any points.

  • This game can be played simple, or advanced. You can even mix in time to speed things up. 
  • This game is for ages 8 to adult. Mica is 11, I'm 40, and we both enjoyed this game. 
  • 2 to 8 players can play Rubber Band Game. There is another set of blocks to knock down, 2 dice, 4 sticks, and lots of rubber bands. It certainly can be more than 2 players playing. 
  • Cost: $24.99 on their site. $23.62 on Amazon with Prime.

What we thought:

Mica likes this game! We both had fun with it.

I like that this is for boys, girls, and many ages.

Rubber Band Game won an award just this year from Creative Child Magazine as Game of the Year!

This is the only game that I can find that Ann Williams makes so far. They do have a Craft-tastic craft that is very game like called Craft-tastic Tinker ing Kit. There's a ton of sets on their site! They even have craft sets geared more towards adults.

I love that they have a monthly box option. Their how to videos are great as well.

Isaak is the most like me. He digs crafts and loves games. This game will be for Isaak for Christmas. Do you have a game lover in your house?

Check out more craft sets on their website, visit their informative blog, check out Ann Williams on twitter, facebook, YouTube, pinterest, and instagram

Disclaimer: I received Rubber Band Game to review by Ann Williams. This post was written by me. I was not influenced in any way. 


Masshole Mommy said...

Talk about hours of fun! It looks like a blast.

Theresa Mahoney said...

My girls would really dig this one! Who doesn't love shooting rubber bands?

~ Noelle said...

Now that looks fun. Also like a game broxton could play with the big Brothers and everyone enjoy


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