Friday, November 18, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. I keep getting invited to home and facebook parties. It seems like everything is expensive at those things. I feel obligated to go to them, or buy from them when I'm good friends, or family members with them.

    I just want to get together without a home party. 

  2. Isaak cracks me up. He always has the most laundry in his clothes basket. It's not because his clothes are dirty. Sure some are. It's mostly because he's lazy. I get after him all the time.

    One day I said, "Why do you have all white underwear in the basket? You have undies with colors on them, stripes, and characters." He said, "Because white underwear is what men wear." Ha! It's really funny because Travis only wears boxers. Where's he getting this? 

  3. It took us all last year to get Mica in the groove of wearing deodorant. This year I asked "Have you been wearing your deodorant? I haven't seen it move at all for days." He said, "I don't see the point."

    We had to go through the importance of wearing deodorant all over again. I'm pretty sure we're not alone. Many kids are on their own. 

  4. This weekend the boys went to a neighbor's house, and raked up all her leaves. Our yards in our neighborhood are huge for the city.

    They worked their butts off! Travis wanted her oak leaves for composting. Do you keep a compost pile?

    In Nebraska and Iowa we don't have oak mites, but in Kansas and Missouri oak mites are a huge problem right now.

  5. Isaak's basket ball team has lost all of their games. I wish they'd win one game. At the same time I'm super glad he's A) Having fun!, B) Getting exercise!, and C) Learning. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't ever go to those parties. I hate how overpriced their items are.

Allison sometimes forgets her deodorant too. Thankfully, I haven't ever smelled her, but I've also noticed the deodorant doesn't move for a few days and have to remind her to wear it daily.

Harry Flashman said...

Your son is right, men wear white boxers. Of course, I could be a little out of date on that....

~ Noelle said...

We have a TON of leaves in our yard. Lucky for us, our neighbor wanted them for his yard,so hes been getting them for us. win / win in my opinion.. I called him the yard fairy because he came while we were gone and we came home to a nice looking yard!


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