Sunday, November 13, 2016

Viihahn Men's Lace-up Fully Wool Lined Boots Review

It's hard to believe that Mica's into men's shoes. Ok, so maybe it's not. My nephew that's the same age has been in men's shoes for awhile now. We're spending more money on shoes for him now. Thankfully I got Viihahn Men's Lace-up Fully Wool Lined Boots for Mica to try out. YAY!

These boots come in 2 colors:
  1. Coffee 
  2. Black
I really love the color coffee...

But I felt like he'd get more use out of the black ones. He has tan shoes already. The coffee could could be worn with brown, or black because the soles are black. I know Mica has dress shirts for the holiday time that wouldn't work with brown at all. The black ones were more practical.


The shoes are super soft. They are lined with wool. Mica loves the feel of them.

With them being lined it's super great for cold winter days. They are winter boots, but I wouldn't go sledding in them. They are too nice for that. They can be worn for dressy events, or casual wear. We actually went for a quick hike to see how they'd feel. Mica loved how they felt. 


The soles are great. They don't slip around, which is wonderful. Part of why I wanted him to have winter boots is for really cold days. He's on safety patrol, so it will be cold and icy on some winter days.

They do get rocks, leaves and mud in the treads, but I'd rather that happen instead of having no threads. It gets icy here during the winter. I don't want Mica sliding around.


$115, and on sale for $68. That's with Prime. 

  • Leather Imported 
  • Wool Rubber Soles 
  • Leather Upper 
  • Shearling/Wool Lining 
  • Dual Density Insoles 
  • Lace-up Closure 

Overall Mica really likes his boots! He was pleasantly surprised. I didn't tell him that I was getting them for him.

Do you have a favorite pair of boots?

Disclaimer: I received these boots for discount in exchange for writing this review. I was influenced in no way to write a positive review.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Those boots are pretty snazzy! They look soft and comfortable, and I like all the tread on the soles.

You know, Allison actually wears 1 size larger than me in shoes. It's crazy!

~ Noelle said...



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