Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Backtracking to Christmas Day

Thankfully everything was ready to go for Christmas. I just needed to prepare some food for yet another get together.

Secret Santa Tip:

I learned something this year that I wish I would have known this whole time. Usually I go back in my bedroom to be quiet, so the boys can go to sleep. This year we decided to play Scrabble in the living room. Playing the game kept us up, sudden noises were normal to their ears, and we got to nibble on cookies and Travis drank the milk. In between turns we got out the gifts we wrapped and put stuff in their stockings. It worked like a charm.

Christmas Morning:

The boys woke up at 5 AM for Santa that next morning. Yep they were excited. I didn't mind the early morning wake up call, but Travis hates when the boys wake us up that early! He snapped and said, "Don't wake us up until the coffee is made, and play in your rooms for at least another hour!" That's torture on Christmas morning.

The boys did what they were told.

I didn't capture any photos that morning. Why? Well it was freaking dark out still. All the photos would have been dark and grainy.

They each got a big Lego thing. Mica's starting to get more practical gifts. Like any mom I wonder if he enjoys them. He got a sleeping bag instead of a game like Isaak got. He got a wallet in his stocking when Isaak got a dice game. He can't go into middle school with a cute robot wallet, nor can he go camping with a cute bug sleeping bag. He's growing up. His needs are different now.


I am really lucky that my mom makes us cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We take them with us on Christmas Eve. They really save a lot of time for breakfast. The boys love them.


While the boys put together their Lego sets I made food for our next family event. I generally make a veggie tray because we can always have more veggies! I cut open 2 pomegranates to bring seeds. I brought mixed nuts, a cheese ball with crackers, and a cookie tray.

Present Box:

Christmas is filled with family! 56 family members to be exact! Just my Mom's family gets together. My Dad only has 1 brother that's not married. Travis' family lives far away.

My Aunt Becky loves to get a big box, and she fills it with small presents that have strings attached to them. Each little kid gets a Christmas question, and gets a present when it's answered.

Mica and his cousin Evan retired from questions, and are now paid Elves that help Becky.

Mica read a story to the kids before the present giving started. It was great, but way too long of a story. I had to cut the poor boy off.

Isaak loves his cousin Edison so much. Edison says Isaak's name so cute. It was, "I Kick", but now it's said more like his name.

Isaak with Elijah (cousin's the same age).

Emerson almost went to the hospital before Christmas. My sister asked if his tests could be after Christmas. Since he's had his tests - we now know why he's breathing funny at times. Emerson's liver and colon are back up in his chest cavity. It's from a hernia he's had for some time now. It has to be fixed up. He's still having seizure activity, but it's not any worse than before. We'll know soon when he'll have surgery. They have to get it worked out between the doctor's and hospital. Insurance says it has to be fixed, so good for them!

The boys enjoyed Christmas Day. Well Isaak had his moments. He seems to be the kid that's left out at times. The bigger boys were hogging the game system downstairs. That's when I want to say, "Go outside and play ball!" It was strange weather that day. More like spring than winter. We had heavy winds, lots of downpours, and it was warm. Anyhow going outside to play wasn't in the cards. I offered to play games with Isaak upstairs, but no little boy wants to play with their mom when all the action is downstairs. Travis got the full scoop from Mica later that day. Had we known the bigger boys would have had some rules put down. Since Mica was in on that crowd he lost privilege to have access to his Kindle the next day.

If you celebrate - What did you do on Christmas?


Theresa Mahoney said...

Awe, I hate it when kids get left out. I've always loved Jason's nieces because no matter now old they got, they always included the girls in their games. Thankfully, my girls now do that with their younger cousins too.

I'm like Travis. I HATE getting woke up that early on Christmas morning. I'll come down and lay on the couch, but they girls have to get their own gifts out from under the tree if they insist on me getting up that early lol.

Mandy said...

Wow! 56 family members! That's quite the crowd! Kudos to your aunt who buys presents for all of the kids! That is so sweet of her to do!

Weather here was warm. I'm not sure if that's considered weird for Georgia or not. It would have been your perfect "go outside and play ball" weather. Hopefully Mica learned his lesson – to share. :)


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