Friday, January 13, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. My first year students got new macbooks this week. I find it annoying that Apple keeps removing more and more ports. No USB or card readers. My boss had to order some $5 converters, so that they can have access to our digital cameras and scanners. Oh but they have a fancy bar across the top that no one gives a crap about. Ha!

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  3. There's been twice lately where we failed as parents.

    I thought the clock said 8:30. I said, "Ok kids it's time for bed." Travis and I were saying we were both so tired. I thought maybe it was because we were cleaning all day long. Nope the clock stopped. It was 10:30. The kids got an extended bedtime that night.

    We had a really late, full lunch during the weekend. We hung out with my parents during the afternoon one day. Isaak said, "Grandma I'm really hungry! I don't think I ever had lunch." I looked at the time and thought, "I guess we didn't have lunch. We did have brunch though." Apparently brunch isn't good enough for 2 growing boys.

  4. Speaking of food...we had my nephews Evan, Elijah, and Edison over when their brother Emerson was in the hospital. I served up some left over stir fry that we had, orange slices, carrots, and a drink. Elijah the 8 year old gobbled it up.

    While I was dishing up their food Travis was making ours: An Indian Dish with Moong that's a grain/protein. Elijah said, "I want some of that too!" I dished him up not one, but two bowls full of Indian food. Apparently he didn't mind the spice. ;) He said, "It's a medium". 

  5. I was kind of bummed over the holidays about 1 thing really. I had 3 friends in town, and not one of them called me. I mentioned on facebook how much I missed all of them. To be honest I would have asked off of work just to spend time with any one of them, or all of them. That's how much I wanted to see them. They were the ones in town. I had no clue when they'd be here exactly, how long, or what their schedules were. I know we all have our lives, but I miss them. That begs the question if they miss me? Do they care? Maybe I'm over thinking things. That seems to be what I do. 

  6. I do a mud mask once or twice a year. I get a dry forehead. If I put lotion on it it's flaky and oily. BTW that's a weird combo. The mud mask takes the flakiness off. It's smooth afterwards.

    Isaak every time, "What is that?" Me, "I don't know, something is really wrong with my face. Maybe I should go to the hospital!"

    Travis, "Why are you putting that crap on your face?" Me, "Come here & kiss me." Travis, "Get away!" Me, "What's the matter? You don't like grey people?" Ha!


mail4rosey said...

When I visit out of town, I really, really want to see me friends whom I love and adore, but sometimes I don't. Not because I don't want to, but because I only see my mom (and before they passed, grandparents) so very rarely that I hate to take any time from them. I guess I should just invite them to my mom's place, but she's quirky and they probably wouldn't come... or it wouldn't be the same kind of visit if they did.

LOL on the mask. I am about to do a pomegranate one over here.

Harry Flashman said...

I expect everybody was just up to their elbows in commitments and tasks. It's hard to be an adult and get free time. I didn't touch base with any of my old buddies but I do care about them.

I wish I was in a class where I got a new computer. I'd get the computer then drop the class!

It's good of you to keep the kids when there's turmoil in the extended family. People appreciate it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'd be upset too about the friends not stopping by, but they probably were on limited time for the holidays and only had enough time to squeeze in family time while in town. That's the way I would look at it. It's a busy season for all.

Allison loves spice too. She ordered General Tsao (sp?) at the Chinese restaurant and they had to question me if I know what she was ordering because of the kick it has. Yes, I do and yes that's what she wants. She loves the spice!

~ Noelle said...

I don't get to see many friends when I go home... it's because it's hard to divide up family time these days... I'm sorry you didn't get to see them though. That sucks.


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