Monday, January 16, 2017

Black Ice, Ice Baby

One good thing about this ice storm that we had is that it didn't knock down power lines around here.

It did however put black ice on sidewalks, parking lots, and side streets.

My front porch:

They canceled classes where I work, but it's one of my office days. I opted to stay home. I'll have to work a bit here to get ready for the next few days. Most of my commute is a main street, which isn't icy. I was more concerned with the hill that goes down to my work, and slipping in the parking lot.

Grocery stores have been packed, since Friday. We didn't NEED anything, but Travis wanted to get a bunch of cabbage to make sauerkraut in his new Fermentation Crock that I got him.

Bakers, which is Kroger to most places was swamped with people. Their carts were stocked with junk food. I said, "Let's go to Family Fare. They won't be so busy." They weren't. I was amazed at the difference. My mom thought it was because Bakers has a better meat selection. I didn't see meat in their carts though. Family Fare was just remodeled, so it would be interesting to know why one grocery store is that's actually more expensive is used more than one that is less. 

Now we have Sauerkraut fermenting. 

The boys are having a Star Wars marathon. 

I'm taking it easy. I got most of my housework done before the ice happened. I just wanted to make sure all I could was taken care of in case our power went out.

How is the weather where you live?


Theresa Mahoney said...

That black ice is scary when it's on the roads. Thankfully, we are having a heat wave here. It's very unseasonably warm, like in the 40's. This weekend we're supposed to be in the 50's. There's an ice festival going on, but with that kind of heat, I'm not sure the sculptures are going to last very long!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Black ice! better be careful, Alissa. We experience a lot of it while living in Switzerland but not so much here at NYC, though.

~ Noelle said...

Oh wow.
You know how much I hate ice...


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