Sunday, January 15, 2017

Panopliz Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Review

I am super excited to share with you Panopliz Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl.

They Come With 6 Sheets:
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green

9.8" X 9.8"

  • It's meant for clothing. You can add it to shirts, jackets, coats, aprons, skirts, canvas bags and more. Isaak wanted a shirt, so I made a shirt for him.
  • I plan on using it within mixed media art pieces on canvas. I haven't tried this yet, but will show you when it happens. 
Flashy Gold For a Boy:

What does a mom do when a boy loves sparkly, shimmery, shiny gold, and wants it on a shirt? Well I had to make him a shirt. There's no chance I'd find a shirt in the store with flashy gold.

He agreed to a pirate shirt.


If you have a Cricut Cutter that's ideal. The instructions include a Cricut Cutter. I don't have one. It took awhile to cut out the design by hand.

Once the work of cutting it out was done I set out to iron it on. The side with the glossy film is up. Iron especially the pointed cuts.

After it's ironed - let it cool. This doesn't take very long. Peel up the film. That's it! You're finished.

I had no problems with it folding, or wrinkling up. I did place it a little too low on the shirt. Sometimes I have trouble with placement on clothing. 

Isaak loves his new shirt! 

I made it big, so it will fit him in the spring and summer. 

I can't wait to try and use it with my art projects. 


$25.99, but on sale for $17.95! Get it while it's on sale. 

Have you ever worked with vinyl?

Disclaimer: I received Panopliz Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl to review. I wrote this post, and was not influenced at all with an opinion. I only review things that I find interesting, or that would benefit my readers.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I love using glitter vinyl for decorating clothes! I made us all Harry Potter shirts when we went to Florida a few years back. I bet it took a long time to cut that out by hand. I have a Silhouette, so thankfully it isn't a painful process for me to custom design stuff like this. You did a great job with yours!

mail4rosey said...

How awesome is that??? I think this turned out cute as can be! I'd try that vinyl!

CK said...

I am amazed that you actually cut it by hand and it looked so good! Well done!

~ Noelle said...

I want to get a cricut, I think it would be fun to make shirts for Broxton and Savannah, but i wasn't sure about ironing it on, I thought I would need a heat press or something.


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