Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dual Adjustable Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt Review

Travis and most of his family has back problems. He's had to see Chiropractors and a Physical Therapist for both his back and should. It's best when he sticks with his back exercises.

The hard thing is to remember to not bend with your back. Dual Adjustable Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt helps remind you of that. It keeps your back straight.

It's nice that this support belt fits into a box, but I think once it's opened the box for most people will get tossed.

It really took only a minute, maybe less time for him to put this on. The material is really breathable! He has tried another type of back support before that has room for an ice pack, or a pack that you can heat up in the microwave. This one is a bit different. Similar to put on though.

I has a velcro in the front. I happened to get him a large. He's a skinny guy, so if you plan on getting one of these you may want to go up a size. It comes in S/M and L/XL. Travis probably could be a medium, but I went to a large because I knew it could be tightened.

As you can see it forces the posture to be upright. If you're like me and tend to slouch this may be great for you to try out. I may be wearing it at work. I tend to sit around a lot.

My husband likes to wear back supports for gardening. He forgets, and starts to bend with his back instead of his knees. 


$45.99, and on sale for $19.99 and on Prime

Do you, or anyone you know have back issues?

Disclaimer: I received Dual Adjustable Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt to review. I wrote this post, and was not influenced at all with an opinion. I only review things that I find interesting, or that would benefit my readers.


mail4rosey said...

My SIL has back issues. She's used absolutely everything you can think of to try and fix it, help it, what have you. It's recurring so relief is always welcome...or prevention like this belt!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Jason is always complaining of back pain. I think he just needs to lose some belly weight and he'd be fine lol.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I remember using it long time ago. It really helps! although it can be a bit tricky to wear it on daily basis to the office.

~ Noelle said...

I bet that would be good for Marc.. although he has shoulder issues the most...
I wish I could help him, but I don't know what I am doing.


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