Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Cutest Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Set - Loyal Dog Review

I'm happy to share with you The Cutest Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Set - Loyal Dog I got to review. They are really cute!

The set comes with 12 erasers. That's a lot of erasers! I'm going to give the kids some erasers for Easter. I'll hand off a few to my nephews, and others I'll take to school.

They came all packaged up with each other.


$9.99 for all 12 erasers! Buy one and get 30% off Lovellio's Charming dry erase calendar.

Choose From 2 Prints:
  1. Loyal Dog
  2. Adorable Cat
A Great Gift Set: 

This is a great set to get. Especially if you get the calendar that is 30% off. You could give this set to kids for Valentines, Easter time, a Birthday, to a Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day and more.

Not Your Ordinary Stationery Set:

Lovellio makes their sets fun by adding cats and dogs to their sets.

Other Perks:
  • The erasers are also great for small little hands. I like that they are square instead of the big erasers that are used most of the time.
  • The erasers are magnetic. How cool is that? I tested them out on our refrigerator, and they worked. 
The only downfall I saw was that some of the dog prints are great prints, while others look a bit faded.

Do you use a dry eraser board? We have one that we use daily.

Disclaimer: I received Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Set - Loyal Dog to review. I wrote this post, and was not influenced at all with an opinion. I only review things that I find interesting, or that would benefit my readers or family.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I use a dry erase board daily so my girls know what their chores are. We don't have set chores for each day of the week. Just what I need help with for that particular day I write it on the board.

~ Noelle said...

This would be great for the kids at school. They use the white boards basically every day.


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