Friday, February 10, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. What a week! I'm writing this ahead of time. It's Wednesday. It snowed last night. I walked into the classroom, and not one of my student's was in. I suppose I don't blame them. It was pretty slick out, and staying in bed sounds really good right about now!

    I have one student that has been gone 4 days out of 5. That's not cool! There are a few others that have been gone 3. When they get this far behind it's hard to catch them up!

  2. I have a blogger friend that passed away this week. I would message her to chat on Facebook at times. So long Jacqueline Mitchell. You were a good friend. She had Parkinson's Disease. Somehow towards the end of her life her trimmers started to stop. She had a weak heart, and passed away from that. I never met her, but I feel like I did. She was one that would comment on almost every picture I posted. She'd comment often, but the trimmers made it hard for her to type.

    That's the second blogger friend that's passed away. Judy passed away quite some time ago. She was a twinless twin. Her twin passed away years before she did. It makes me sad.

  3. My nephew Emerson has been back in the hospital this week. We were just thinking he was doing great, and then another infection happened. A surgeon had this great idea to dig into him to put this tube to help clean out his gut. Well it keeps getting infected (twice now, since his original surgery). The surgeon didn't believe my sister when she called to have the office treat him. She was bitchy at the doctor the first time, this time she was livid and turned the office in for neglect. I don't blame her at all. They wanted to do yet another surgery, but she and another doctor over road their decision. He's been on IV antibiotics, and they are letting the fluid drain. She made them do a culture of the fluid. They found out he also has a Strep infection in it. He got that from his oldest brother. I've been worried about him. He gets out of the hospital tomorrow (Thursday). I hope he stays infection free!

  4. I oftentimes forget that I have pens or pencils in my ears. Do you ever put pens or pencils behind your ears?

  5. Isaak usually has better handwriting. But I found this quickly written note in his coat pocket at his basketball game. It's all about how his team needs to be more serious at practice. If they clown around Isaak was going to call them clowns


Theresa Mahoney said...

Poor Emerson just can't catch a break. Here's hoping the infections stay far away once he's out!

It makes me so sad when blogger friends pass away. I was just talking to my friend Dezzy about how much I missed Judy just last week! Every time I see a pretty bird, I think of her and how much she loved them :( No, we'll probably never meet most of our blog friends, but it still hurts when one is gone. We're like a weird little family that never sees each other but check in with each other daily, so it does impact us when one passes :(

Harry Flashman said...

Being older, I've lost a good many blog friends over the years. Since a lot of men, in particular, won't discuss serious illnesses, the first clue I usually get is when they disappear off the net.

Sorry for the little guys troubles. And for the family. Nothing cuts you to the heart like a sick child.

weekend-windup said...

Sorry to hear about your blogging friends. Prayers for her. Not only kids even adults like to be in bed during chill climate.
Prayers for your cousin to get well soon from the infection.

mail4rosey said...

I am sorry to hear about Jacqueline. I had no idea that she'd passed. :(

The basketball letter is sweet. :) I'm sorry you're getting inclement weather over there, and really sorry to hear about Emerson. :( I'm glad the doctor's office was turned away because if they're behaving that way with them, you can bet they are with others too.

I'm headed over to see if there's a place I can leave condolensces for Jacqueline. Thanks for the heads up. She will be missed.

~ Noelle said...

So sorry for the loss of a bloggy friend.. It doesn't make it any easier, as some of those friendships are the best ones!!!!!
Please give Emerson a big ol HUG from me... love that sweet boy!


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