Thursday, April 27, 2017

Easter Tips

I know Easter is in the past now, but I got behind in blogging.

Advice to Newbie Parents:
  1. Don't go overboard with Easter. Then your kids expect that the Easter Bunny goes overboard.

    There was a year I went overboard because I won a lot of things. Now my kids expect it. Quite frankly I'm ready for Isaak to not believe in the Easter Bunny. Then I can sit the boys down, and explain that they won't get the same amount of things every year.

    Mica doesn't believe, but he was busy picking out Lego sets he wanted. I said, "Ummm no Mica! You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!"

    Instead of expensive Star Wars Lego sets they got these 3 in 1 build sets that makes a robot, robot dog, and a robot bird. They were in my price range. I thought they were cool because they there's three building options, and they have areas that light up!

  2. Be prepared to ad lib.

    If you're caught in the Easter Bunny act like I was when Mica was about 4, or 5 I had to think fast. He got up well past his bedtime to go to the bathroom. I got up, ran to the door, and shut the glass door, leaving the wood door open. Then I said with enthusiasm, "Mica did you just see the Easter Bunny? The Easter Bunny dropped what he was doing, and hopped out the door because you were up!" Mica 1/2 awake woke up really quickly saying, "No I didn't see him!" He thought it was hilarious that he almost caught the Easter Bunny. It was so close that there were 1/2 bags of candy, and plastic eggs all over the kitchen. When he stopped believing in Santa, he still believed in the Easter Bunny because, well he caught him in the act. ;)

    We do a Scavenger Hunt every year.

    Somehow a clue egg got missed this year. Travis looked at me like it was all my fault. He looked at me like, What are you going to do about it? I yelled out from a different room, "Did you guys see that!?" They were like, "What?" I said, "The Easter Bunny was outside pointing at our mailbox. Go check it out!" There was the next clue in the mailbox. Isaak was standing outside looking up and down the street for the Easter Bunny. Ha!

  3. Put stuff in the eggs that is not candy!

    Little kids think that finding pennies are like finding gold, I've included small erasers and pencil erasers for school in plastic eggs, costume jewelry for girls, mesh fidget toys, fun pattern socks, small Lego people, Annie's Bunny Crackers - different flavors, fruit snacks (although they are sugary too), nuts, seeds and the list goes on... Then fill the rest up with candy. 

  4. Have breakfast made ahead of time!

    Kids get you up super early because they are excited to find their loot. I'm tired from staying up to hide eggs. It helps to have something ready to go. It's the one time of year I make Coffee Cake, and some type of egg dish ahead of time. Then I can enjoy Easter morning without slaving away in the kitchen. Other ideas: A Slow Cooker Oatmeal Dish, Breakfast Cookies (these are our favorite), No Cook Protein Bites ( I have pinned board of them), and a Quiche (you could make it crustless if you're gluten free).

  5. Don't keep things quiet!

    We've always kept things kind of loud when the kids sleep. I vacuumed when they were itty bitty, we watch TV, and Travis grinds metal down in the garage. With Easter it sucks trying to hide eggs if it's oh so quiet. If you're getting eggs ready to hide, do laundry at the same time. Then they can't hear anything, but the washer going. 

  6. Make them think!

  7. Like I said earlier we do a Scavenger Hunt. It's not a family tradition. I started it, and my sister liked the idea, so she followed. Ha! The Easter Bunny starts at the coffee table always. He has a clue egg, and others hidden around it. The clue egg may say something like, "8 eggs and the next clue egg are hidden where Mom puts her computer bag to go to work." That was the trunk of the car. Another was, "12 eggs and the next clue egg are hidden where dishes are kept." They looked in the dishwasher at first, then the cupboard where they are kept. The hiding spots are getting harder as they get older. If they are really young - don't hide them at all, and help them with the clues. I did, "Rub a dub dub. 10 eggs are hidden in the ______." Then I just set eggs in the tub area. 
Do you have any tips for the Easter Bunny?


Harry Flashman said...

Well, when you are ready to stop doing the Easter thing, you can tell the boys "I'm sorry , but Easter has been cancelled this year. They found the body."

My wife would beat me severely about the head and shoulders if she knew I told that joke to you.

She's really religious, and so is almost everybody in the county, so I can't tell my religious jokes! :-(

If you are like my wife, Alissa, just delete this. I don't want you mad at me!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Great tips! Thankfully, both of the girls are older and sleep in later now, so I can fill the eggs and hide them the day of to save on some prep time.

~ Noelle said...

We don't go crazy with Easter. The bunny brings a few things, we hide eggs during the day and the kids hunt them... then eat ;)

Mandy said...

You have great suggestions for handling Easter. I love how you list how many eggs are hidden in a particular area. None will ever get lost. If the boys find the clue before they finish finding the other eggs, can they move on? Or do you make them stay until the "job" is completed?

I loved hearing about your tricks on Mica and Isaak. First with the "you startled the EB!" and then with the "Did you just see the EB pointing at the mailbox?" lol. Fun times while they still believe.

You also have some great ideas for handling trinkets in the eggs and breakfast. When I was a kid, we (myself and my brother) always did the Easter hunt and filled up on candy until breakfast was ready. We weren't big into breakfast and we always had a big lunch at my grandparents where we did more Easter egg hunting.


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